Taiwanese Films in the New York Film Festival 2020

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films

Looking for weekend movie night options? The 2020 New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) brings us 51 films this year, running from August 28th through September 12th. Seven of the selections are Taiwanese films.

Taiwan cinema is all grown up and is no longer just slapstick comedies of our childhood. Most of these Taiwanese films will never make it to Netflix—I’m still waiting for the 2018 films! The NYAFF online screening is a great opportunity to watch these movies from the comfort of your couch.

Also, watching Mandarin Language films and dramas is a great way to learn Chinese!

NYAFF Taiwanese Lineup

Dear Loneliness | 致親愛的孤獨者

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - Dear Loneliness

A three-pronged drama of innocence and experience, Dear Loneliness tracks the paths of three young women on the brink of adult life, as they teeter and tangle with disconnection.

Detention | 返校

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - Detention

Two high school students find themselves trapped in a supernatural realm of vengeful spirits and demonic creatures in 1960s Taiwan. As they anxiously walk the haunted halls of their eerily empty school, in search for their missing teacher and a way out, we hear both the dark rumble of the well-crafted B movie and the chilly whispers of a refined psychological horror piece.

Heavy Craving | 大餓

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - Heavy Craving

*Limited seating

Ying-Juan is spunky, smart… and 230 pounds. She cooks at a preschool where the kids call her Ms. Dinosaur. Even her mom, who’s also her boss, constantly fat-shames her. But she just doesn’t give a damn… until an unwanted membership to a weight loss program and an encounter with two misfits prompt her to change and put her on an uphill path to self-acceptance, paved with crash diets and boot camp workouts.

IWeirDo | 怪胎

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - I Weirdo

*No screening in California and Hawaii

Eerily timely in its focus on formalized paranoia as a lifestyle, the film follows the prudent footsteps of Po-Ching and Chen Ching, two young oddballs cursed with germaphobia and OCD, as they walk through life clad in personal protective equipment.

Miss Andy | 迷失安狄

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - Miss Andy

*Available only on Aug. 29 at 7pm EST

Miss Evon, a.k.a. Andy, has paid a steep price to don a dress and finally be herself, at age 55. Having lost her job and family, and been faced with daily indignities, it’s a crushing blow when she learns her best friend has died. But then she meets illegal immigrant Sophie and her son, and her generous acts of humanity help restore hopes for a brighter future, albeit briefly.

Gangs, Oscars, & The Walking Dead

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - The Gangs, The Oscars, and The Walking Dead

Movie genres madly mix and mash up in this no-holds-barred, no-brow comedy about two young aspiring directors, BS (Roy Chiu, of Dear Ex fame) and Wenxi (Huang Di-yang). Sick of indulging in the stuff and fluff of pipe dreams, they decide to turn fantasy into reality and make a real zombie flick.

Wild Sparrow | 野雀之詩

New York Film Festival 2020 Taiwanese films - Wild Sparrow

Gritty, erotic, poetic, this is the tale of Li, a beautiful broken girl, suddenly tasked to raise her estranged son, Han.

*Movie descriptions from NYAFF. Screening available in the U.S. only. See the full list of films to watch online at home ala carte, or get all access with the season pass.

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