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Touch Audio Apps Apps For Kids With Touch Audio - In this post I am sharing three reading apps for kids with touch audio feature. I have selected Little Chinese Readers, Storyworld, and Joyreader because they specifically offer the touch audio feature in their stories. At our current reading level we can keep reading the free stories on Joyreader. I have a free subscription for Little Chinese Readers from a promotion last year. Storyworld is offering 40% off all yearly packages as a Chinese New Year promotion so I will subscribe… Continue Reading
Storyworld Chinese New Year 40% Off Get 40% Off Storyworld - As a special promotion for Chinese New Year, Storyworld is offering a 40% discount on any yearly subscription package. Code MM40CNY is valid from 1/30/2019 until 2/05/2019. Once the promotion ends, please enjoy 20% off with code MM20YR. About Storyworld Storyworld is an interactive learning-through-stories language tool for children two years old and up. Their library of original, fully-illustrated books is leveled by Lexile® and covers over 1200 common words and phrases in Spanish, Chinese and English. They currently offer more than… Continue Reading
Storyworld Learn Chinese App Storyworld - The Storyworld learn Chinese app is exactly what I’ve been searching for. While preparing vacation without the kids, I started looking for Chinese reading apps they could use without me. There are many apps and podcasts for audio stories but not many options for reading. I tested several reading apps. Some wouldn’t even open for me to test! The rest were unremarkable. Then I stumbled upon the Storyworld app. I absolutely love it! The app features an interactive bilingual story, “Cooking… Continue Reading
Decipher Chinese Learn Chinese APP Decipher Chinese - Decipher Chinese allows you to learn Chinese by reading news articles specifically written by teachers. I find this learn Chinese app easy to use. The interface is straightforward and intuitive. It’s a no frills app but loaded with just the right features for beginners. The articles are short and mostly about Chinese culture with some world news. The best part of the Decipher Chinese app is the touch dictionary/audio feature. This allows me to practice reading with the pinyin turned off.… Continue Reading
APPS and Websites to Watch Mandarin Chinese Shows APPS and Websites to Watch Mandarin Chinese Shows - Dramafever has shut down forever. I had a great run using this streaming app to watch Mandarin Chinese shows. We shared so many 吳慷仁 marathons. Then one day when we were almost done with Substitute Princess and it was kaput. But why??? Who does the Substitute princess choose in the end, 吳慷仁 or that other guy? I had to find out. The good news is that I have an ipad and don't worry too much about getting a virus streaming… Continue Reading
Fruity Pie Preschool Program Fruity Pie - One of my favorite children’s shows that you can watch on Youtube is 水果冰淇淋 (Fruity Pie). This show is the longest running preschool program since it’s first episode aired in 1998. The main characters are four curious puppets and their grandmother. Granny Fruity Pie is played by 趙自強 (Chao Tsu Chiang). He is a supporting actor in over 14 movies and dramas such as The Queen of No Marriage and Miss in Kiss. If you love Taiwanese dramas then he’s surely a familiar… Continue Reading

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