Best Places to Eat in Beitiou, Taipei

While you can easily find information about Beitou’s hot springs, there’s little mentioned about Beitou’s traditional market and eateries. Just a short walk downhill from the hotels you will find a bustling market where locals shop for the freshest ingredients. Dotted throughout the market are casual restaurants and street food stalls. Lines of eager patrons mark places where prices are low and satisfaction is high. I hope you enjoy this collection of my favorite Beitou eats!

Chicken Rice 手作雞絲飯

Casual eatery serving made-to-order local favorites. Try the shredded chicken on rice with fried shallots and an order of yam leaves. Limited seating inside.
No. 23 Gongguan Road, Lane 63

Chitterling Vermicelli 大腸麵線

Beitou Chitterling Vermicelli
Beitou Chitterling Vermicelli bowl

You can find Chitterling Vermicelli, or intestine noodles, in just about every neighborhood in Taiwan. This stand is quite delicious and a bowl of noodles will only set you back 45 NT. Limited seating.
No. 24 Qingjiang Road

Different Soup Dumplings 不貽樣湯包

Simple shop with a strange name serves up freshly steamed soup dumplings. 8 dumplings 50 NT.
No. 97 Zhongyang South Road, Section 1

Fiery Coffee

Fiery Coffee Beitou
Fiery Coffee latte art

A cafe for true coffee aficionados. Best espresso drinks outside of Italy. The owner really knows her craft and creates each drink using the proper pressure, temperature, and milk for each drink.
No. 69 Zhongzheng Street

High Quality Tea 高記茶莊

Located in the back of Beitou’s indoor market, locals queue up for their refreshing teas. The flavor is light and clean.
No. 30, Xinshi Street

Hakka Restaurant

Don’t be fooled by this unassuming establishment. There’s a reason this family owned restaurant is packed each night. Meals are served family style with very large portions. Not to be missed are the soups and jumbo prawn fried rice.
No. 14-1 Zhongyang South Road, Section 2

Izakaya 蔦燒日式居酒屋-北投店

Beitou Izakaya

Cozy place for a sake fueled, protein packed dinner. Nice date night spot with great ambiance. Must pose for selfie with samurai armor.
No. 24 Wenquan Road, Lane 30


Jing Ying offers beef noodles soup in a choice of 3 different broths; clear, traditional, and mala. I noticed almost every table ordered the fried pork chop. It was tender and delicious! The friendly staff suggested their appetizer platter of boiled peanuts, seaweed, sliced pig ear, braised tofu and egg, and seasoned yuba. Definitely worth ordering! Look around the restaurant and you see smiling faces and full bellies.
No. 240 Zhonghe Street

Lion’s Head Noodles 拾斤獅子麵

The owners welcome you like family. A year after my first visit they still remembered me and that we were in Taiwan learning Mandarin! Her little shop is up the hill and hidden from the main street. They were featured on a local show for her ever popular lion’s head noodles.
No. 69-3 Wenquan Road

Lu rou fan 滷肉饭

This may be the most famous eatery in all of Beitou, known for their 25 NT bowl of rice topped with fragrant minced pork stew. They are located on the 2nd floor of the indoor market. Arrive early as lines sometimes wrap all the way out the building. Limited seating available.
Beitou Market 2F, No. 30, Xinshi Street

Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎

Beitou Oyster Omelette

Crisp edges surround a chewy egg batter filled with fresh oysters and greens, topped with a sweet garlicky sauce. So many textures and flavors packed into one dish, more reminiscent of a thick crepe rather than an omelet. 60 NT. Limited seating.
No. 20 Huanggang Road

Wok Noodles 鼎邊銼

This stall is known for their pot-sticker noodles, named for the way the noodles are made (not the meat filled dumplings). Stop by early Saturday mornings to see the noodle making process in action. 50 NT buys you a bowl of fragrant seafood broth with chewy rice noodles and assorting meatballs. I dream of these noodles!
Beitou Market 2F, No. 30, Xinshi Street

Puti Sushi Breakfast Restaurant 菩提素食早餐店

Popular stand where locals line up for vegetarian Fàn tuán (範團 ), a Taiwanese breakfast staple of glutenous rice, fried donut, and pickled radish. 28 NT each
No. 63 Datong Street

Righteous Cuisine 正靖美食

Food stand offering home-made traditional delicacies, such as Taiwanese Sticky Rice ( 油飯), mua chee, hakka steamed rice cakes (艾草粿), and Taiwanese Steamed Rice Bowl Cakes (碗糕)
No. 12, Qingjiang Road

Soup Dumplings小籠包

A favorite food stall popular with young eaters for their mini mantou (steamed bread). The long line of patrons wait to devour freshly steamed soup dumplings and shumai handmade daily. Limited seating available.
No. 1 Gongguan Road

Taiwanese Shaved Ice 陳家剉冰

Traditional Taiwanese shaved ice is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. Locals like this spot for their toppings, cooked to the perfect “qq” texture. Limited seating available.
No. 22 Xinshi Street

Tea Shop 北投本土味明泉紅茶

This easily missed small tea shop is the perfect pit stop on a hot day. With patrons blocking the narrow sidewalk, you know it’s a place worth checking out. Their traditional black tea on ice really hits the spot!
No. 129 Guangming Road

Wu’s Beef Noodles

Quite well-known spot for Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Order at the register and find a table next door. There is a small playground outside and across the street.
No. 224 Zhongyang North Road號, Section 1

Zhong Mei Bakery – Green Onion Bread

Tucked a few shops into Xingsen Alley is a pop-up bakery only open on Mondays at 3:30. They are usually sold out within half an hour. The owner is semi-retired and once ran a full bakery at this location. She now only bakes up her famous green onion buns and occasionally offers pineapple buns too. It was the aroma that led me down the alley to this tiny shop. My son says her green onion buns are too good! He can eat a whole bag in one sitting!
No 26 Xingsen Alley

Beitou Eats Google Map

Although Beitou’s star attraction are the hot springs, this district also boasts one of the larger free Parent Child Centers in Taipei. This location offers cooking classes for the ages 2 – 6, must sign up online. It’s a nice place to escape the heat in the summer months, and a warm place to play during the cold and wet seasons. In the summer, Beitou’s public pool with giant slide are also a relief from the sweltering heat. Beitou also has several parks playgrounds to keep your little ones entertained.

Interested in learning more about Beitou’s history, hot springs, and kid friendly attractions? I thoroughly enjoyed this highly informative post!