Taiwan Travel: How to Have a Stress-Free Trip

This is a round-up of Taiwan travel articles to help you plan your family’s trip to this beautiful country. Taiwan remains a safe and welcoming place for tourists, with a range of activities and attractions for all ages. In particular, Taiwan’s summer camps provide an excellent opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in the language and learn Chinese in a fun and interactive way. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in Taiwan, making it an ideal destination for families who want to combine travel with learning Chinese. Taiwan travel is a fantastic option for families who want to explore a new culture and learn Mandarin with their children.

Taiwan Lucky Draw Lottery

What is the Tawan Lucky Draw

Travelers can enter to win up to NT 5000 in travel vouchers to use at participating businesses. The promotion ends June 30, 2025. Registration opens 7 days before you arrive in Taiwan. Learn more

Taiwan Covid Travel Restrictions

Travelers entering Taiwan are no longer required to quarantine. If you are feeling unwell wear a mask. There are many clinics in Taiwan if you need to see a doctor. The cost is about $15 USD any time we have needed to go to the clinic.

Taiwan Visas

Please check if there are entry restrictions from your country of origin. Us passport holders are not required to obtain a visa for trips less than 90 days.

Learn more about Taiwan travel restrictions at the official website of Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency.

Taiwan Travel Tips for Parents

Did you know that the Taipei airport allows parents with babies and toddlers to cut the immigration line? Look for this sign and save your family a lot of time. There’s usually only one family ahead of us! Want more helpful tips like this? Read the full article for Taiwan travel tips for parents.

Taipei Kid-Friendly Activities

Shlilin Night Market Fish Scooping

Taipei is a highly kid-friendly destination with a plethora of activities and attractions suitable for families of all ages. From playgrounds to kid cafes, Taipei offers a wide range of unique experiences that are both affordable and enjoyable. In addition, as a mother, I have found the locals to be incredibly helpful and respectful towards families, making it a great place to travel with children. The love for children is evident in the many kid-friendly facilities available in Taiwan, making it a must-visit destination for families. See the entire list of kid-friendly activities in Taipei

Taiwan Camps for Kids

boy and girl showing off wood craft projects from camp

Summer camps in Taiwan offer a variety of programs and activities for children of all ages, including sports, arts and crafts, language learning, outdoor adventure, and more. Some camps are focused on specific interests or skill sets, while others offer a broader range of activities. These camps offer opportunities for your child to learn about different cultures and make new friends from diverse backgrounds.

There are plenty of options for summer camps for kids in Taiwan, and you can easily find one that fits your child’s interests and schedule. See the full list of summer camps, winter camps, spring camps, and holiday camps in Taiwan

How To Find a Preschool in Taiwan

When my kids were little, we traveled to Taiwan every spring to attend a local preschool for a semester. Their Mandarin language skills improved significantly, and they got to experience life like native Taiwanese children.

Read the full article to find a preschool in Taiwan

How To Find a Babysitter in Taipei

nanny watching over two children playing in sheer curtains

Hey, let’s be real – we all need a break sometimes! Whether you’re exploring Taiwan on an extended trip or just taking a quick vacation, you deserve some adult time to relax and have some fun. But, let’s face it, grandma and grandpa might not be up for watching your little ones while you hit the town. That’s where a babysitter comes in! Hire a sitter and enjoy a nice dinner or do whatever you want without worrying about the kids.

Read this article for tips on how to find a babysitter in Taipei

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