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Taiwan is a kid-friendly country with many fun activities the entire family will enjoy. This is a round-up of articles where I share travel tips for parents, a list of camps for your children, and our favorite activities in Taiwan.

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nanny watching over two children playing in sheer curtains How To Find a Taipei Babysitter - Taiwan is an extremely kid-friendly destination, but parents should also relax and enjoy some activities that are for adults only. Babysitters are difficult to find because locals rely on family for childcare support. It's not common to have strangers babysit, however, the culture is shifting a bit with more foreign business families and overseas Taiwanese living in Taiwan. Here's how to find Taipei babysitter so you enjoy a quiet dip in the hot springs, explore a more difficult hike, or… Continue Reading
kids books about Taiwan Kids Books about Taiwan in Chinese and English - Read about Taiwan with this list of children's books. Titles include Traditional Chinese, English, and Bilingual books. Continue Reading
Mollie Used Bookstore Mollie Used Books - Mollie Used Books NTU store has the largest selection of used books for children. The staff can check their inventory for any books and are very helpful. Keep in mind the books are pre-owned, so what they carry is based on what people have sold to them. I bought several books for 40 NT ($1.27 USD)! You really have to search for the deals though so allow yourself at least an hour to peruse. Photo below of the children’s section… Continue Reading
reusable bamboo straw Reusable Straws - If you are in Taiwan, remember to purchase reusable straws. In a couple days the nation-wide ban on plastic straws will begin. A few business have already started banning straws and other single use plastics. Metal straws are a green alternative to the plastic straw. You can find metals straws in many shops in Taiwan but they are very affordable from wet market vendors. Prices vary between 20NT for a single metal straw to 100NT for packs of different straw… Continue Reading
Free Chinese Textbooks From the OCAC Free Chinese Workbooks From OCAC Taipei - The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) in Taipei offers free Chinese learning workbooks to overseas Taiwanese. Each non-Taiwanese passport presented allows you to select 10 books. Remember to bring a passport for each child you are getting books for. Also bring a separate ID for yourself as you will need to leave it at the security desk. The Overseas Community Affairs Council is located at 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Xuzhou Road, 5號. Their hours are 9am-12pm and 1.30-5.00pm… Continue Reading
taiwan preschool field trip guandu Our Taiwan Preschool Experience - How we found a preschool in Taipei that allowed short-term enrollment. Our Taiwan preschool experience and what they learned in school. Continue Reading
Taipei Public Library Card Taipei Public Library Card - Today I applied for a Taipei Public Library card. There Taipei Public Library has 58 branches in Taipei City, with multiple branches in each district! Did you know that you can apply for a temporary library card while visiting Taipei? It is valid for one month, or until the last day of your extended visa. You can even sign up for a library card online and have access to the Taipei Public Library's electronic resources. All you need is your… Continue Reading
Children's Amusement Park A day in Shilin, Taipei - Visiting Taipei with kids? Here’s an itinerary for one of my favorite days in the Shilin area. It’s not MRT accessible but taxis are not expensive. Taipei Children’s Amusement park For breakfast I suggest fan tuan 飯糰 at a local vendor near your hotel, then hop in a taxi and head to the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park which opens at 9 am. The entrance fee is 30 NT ($1 USD). We have been to the park several times and there are… Continue Reading
Rice Cooker Muah Chee Recipe Rice Cooker Muah Chee Recipe - My son shares my love of muah chee, a chewy treat similar to Japanese mochi. We rarely make it out of the Japanese market without a package of mochi, which is expensive to buy but cheap to make at home. This rice cooker muah chee recipe is easy enough for my 4 year old to make and requires only 4 ingredients. To make Muah Chee, simply stir the Mochiko, sugar, and water in a bowl until sugar dissolves. You can… Continue Reading