Chinese Bilingual Writing Sheets

bilingual Chinese writing practice sheets

It’s been a while since I’ve created a new worksheet so here it is, my Chinese Bilingual Writing Sheets to combine writing practice for two languages. There’s a space to write their name in both languages. The box is for sketching when my kids need a break from writing. The lines are the same size and design as the workbook provided by my son’s school. The first few lines have a dashed line in the center. The boxes for Chinese character practice also start off with dashed lines. These guidelines are excluded from the bottom boxes so that children can practice writing freehand.

My son started first grade distance learning yesterday. He requires my constant presence to make sure he listens to his teacher, stays at the table, and does his classwork. After his online classes and completing his homework, he just wants to play, and I don’t blame him! We have missed Chinese learning for two days so I created these sheets as a solution to fit Chinese into his school day. He will practice writing Chinese characters and English words in place of a class assignment—writing his ABCs and numbers 1 to 20.

My daughter just turned 4 and does the activities with her brother. I don’t have time to plan two sets of activities. Although I feel terrible that she doesn’t get more fun and age appropriate activities, she enjoys being included. I don’t focus on perfection. My goal is to get them use to writing, following instructions, and following through. It’s ok if their writing still looks like scribble!

In case you missed the link at the top, you can use this link download the Chinese bilingual writing sheets. Looking for more Chinese character worksheets? Find them here.

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