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Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings - Have a picky eater? Child with a bad temper? Here's a list of Chinese Kids Books on Behavior and Feelings to teach your child how to transform grumpy moods. Continue Reading
reading strip for sagebooks Reading Strip DIY and Sagebooks Update - If your child is reading the Pinyin in Sagebooks instead of the Chinese characters, you may want to try a reading strip. Reading strips can make reading easier by reducing visual stress. Cover up the Pinyin and English translation to help focus on the Chinese characters. Continue Reading
Face Mask Little Defender Book Printable Book About Germs and Preventing Illness - This winter has been the pits for our family. It seems each holiday or long weekend has been spent cooped up with one of us recovering from the flu or a cold bug. The other day through social media I discovered MIIIA*Mia’s 口罩小衛兵, a printable book about germs and preventing illness by wearing face masks. Her social media post has since been shared almost 8,000 times in just 4 days! Incredible! You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram and please… Continue Reading
Habbi Habbi Reading Wand - Starter Set Habbi Habbi Reading Wand Review - Last week Monday was a school holiday. That night my daughter came down with a fever and was home from school for 3 days. That’s total of 4 days that one of us had to stay home from work because we have no back up childcare. The first morning with my sick baby, I had no idea how I was going to get any work done. Then, I remembered a gift we received, the Habbi Habbi Reading Wand! The previous… Continue Reading
Dear Dinosaur Book Book That Inspired My Son To Write - My son still remembers the Museum of Natural History in New York City, even though it’s been two years since our last visit. Perhaps that is why he enjoyed the book Dear Dinosaur so much. This is the book that inspired my son to write on his own! Really not a big deal, but kind of a big deal fro a kid that doesn’t like writing! The book is interactive with cards and letters that you have to open to… Continue Reading
Chinese kids books about dinosaurs with big text Dinosaur Books With Big Text - It’s no secret that kids love dinosaurs. Dinosaur books are not difficult to find, so what’s different about this list of books? These are dinosaur books with big text! My kids can recognize many of the characters in their simpler books but, they rarely read on their own. While reading together I notice most of the books have very small text. I find myself trying hard to read the characters. For someone learning Chinese, the small text makes it difficult… Continue Reading
Books on Hygiene Books on Hygiene - My boy, my first born child, 我的臭豆腐, is starting kindergarten next month. Friends, I’m totally spazzing out. In preschool there is a teacher per 6 students. In preschool they all go as a group to wash their hands before they eat. They brush their teeth after lunch. Kindergarten is going to be a free-for-all. I cannot get HFM again. Please, not again! We’ve been reading these books on hygiene. Please work. Please, please work! 刷牙小小兵勇闖蛀牙王國 Brushing Soldiers of Cavity Kingdom… Continue Reading
Pea shoots in eggshells Growing Activities and Vocabulary - My son’s teacher mentioned that he spends most of recess digging in the dirt and pretending to grow things. It’s July and the weather is FINALLY warming up where we live. We have been working on growing activities and vocabulary in Chinese. What a great opportunity to make learning fun by incorporating a child’s interests. We recently had a playdate at the park on the same day the city was building a community garden. He forgot all about his playdate… Continue Reading
favorite books june 2019 Favorite Books June 2019 - Top Shelf The Itch Book This book was illustrated by grandpa Joe. The Itch Book is no longer in print but you can find a used copy on Amazon. Middle Shelf The Ultimate Book of Vehicles This is an interactive book for serious vehicle lovers. It has been a favorite of my son’s for 3 years now! Find this on Amazon 好臟的哈利 (Harry the Dirty Dog) by Gene Zion This is an classic from 1959 that my daughter and I… Continue Reading
Mollie Used Bookstore Mollie Used Books - Mollie Used Books NTU store has the largest selection of used books for children. The staff can check their inventory for any books and are very helpful. Keep in mind the books are pre-owned, so what they carry is based on what people have sold to them. I bought several books for 40 NT ($1.27 USD)! You really have to search for the deals though so allow yourself at least an hour to peruse. Photo below of the children’s section… Continue Reading