Learn Chinese

Mandarin made easy! Discover tips, activities, and resources to learn Chinese

Educational Summer Activities for Kids

Get ready for the warm weather with these educational summer experiences to keep your kids entertained. Let your children explore the wonders of this world through outdoor exploration and nature activities.

Chinese and Bilingual Children’s Books

Reading Chinese kids’ books enhances children’s vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills in context. Reading also introduces culture, history, and literature associated with the Chinese language.

Chinese Summer Camps

Find a summer camp in Taiwan or China for an immersive experience, or learn online from any vacation destination.

Taiwan Travel With Kids

Taiwan is an excellent destination for learning Chinese, with child-friendly attractions, language camps, a safe environment, friendly locals, and the best food in the world. You will have an unforgettable trip while improving your Chinese language skills.

Play-based Activities to Learn Chinese

Play-based activities make the learning experience fun, engaging, and meaningful so that children are motivated to learn Chinese.

Crafting With Kids

Incorporating cultural elements into Chinese language learning is made easy with these hands-on craft activities.

Cooking with Kids — Asian-inspired Recipes

Motivate kids to learn Chinese through their love of food. Have a blast cooking and eating these kid-approved dishes inspired by our Taiwanese heritage. These easy recipes are sure to be a hit!

Chinese Worksheets

Learn Chinese Characters with Tailor-Made Worksheets: Word Search, Tracing Sheets, and More!

Online Chinese Classes

Online Chinese classes offer flexibility and convenience for families without in-person access. They can also supplement in-person learning. Check out these articles to find the right class for you.

Chinese Language Cartoons and Shows

Chinese cartoons and shows can help your child learn Chinese through extra language exposure. Here are some of our favorite Chinese language shows to motivate your child to learn Chinese.