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Beijing Culture Adventure Camp

Are you searching for a summer camp in China that blends Mandarin language learning and cultural immersion? Look no further than Beijing Culture Adventure Camp by 星谷微澜 (Xinggu Weilan).  Read More

Printable Bacon Valentine Cards

Are you overwhelmed by how much cheap candy and junk your kids bring home from school holidays? I sure am! That’s why for Valentine’s Day, I designed cards inspired by my kids’ current food obsession— BACON! The printable bacon Valentine cards are gender-neutral and have a punny greeting and a bacon-themed surprise: a bandaid that looks like bacon! Read More

Easy Lunar New Year Crafts for Kids

Making Chinese New Year decorations with your children is a fun way to bond and learn about Chinese culture. Here’s a list of easy Chinese New Year crafts all based on the simple accordion fold. Read More

Dragon Pop Up Card

Dragons play a special role during Lunar New Year celebrations in many Asian cultures. They symbolize strength, and prosperity, and bring good luck for the upcoming year. This dragon pop up card is a fun activity for kids to learn the Chinese character for dragon. The adorable baby dragon hides a fun and ferocious surprise! Read More

Year of the Dragon Photo Frame

Did you know that the dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac? This Lunar New Year holds special significance as the dragon takes center stage, being the most celebrated animal not only in Chinese culture but also in many other Asian cultures. Beyond its status as the most powerful creature, the dragon Read More

Best App To Learn Chinese

Looking for the best app to learn Chinese? This post is for YOU! Here’s a list of our favorite apps for adults and kids to learn Chinese Read More

Mooncake Cookies

Not a fan of mooncakes but want to bake up some sweet festive treats using your mooncake molds? I tested a few batches of mooncake cookies to get the perfect recipe that works with standard mooncake molds. My tried and true recipe is easy and fun for kids too. Best of all—these cookies are not too sweet! Read More

Mooncake Bath Bombs

Put your mooncake molds to good use! We had fun making mooncake bath bombs that are so pretty they can be given as gifts for those who have food allergies. Read More