Easy Recipes from Taiwan

This is a collection of easy recipes from my childhood, food from Taiwan, and dishes to make with kids. I mainly share simple recipes using basic ingredients and reduced sugar whenever possible. I never use artificial sweeteners.

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Latest Recipes

Chinese peanut soup dessert in a heart shaped bowl Instant Pot Sweet Peanut Soup - With an Instant Pot you can make this dessert in no time! Peanut soup can be enjoyed alone or served with red beans or 湯圓 (tāngyuán). In the summer the cooked peanuts can be used as a topping for shaved ice or 豆花 (dòuhuā). Continue Reading
Taiwanese sticky rice 油饭 (Yóu fàn) Taiwanese Sticky Rice Recipe - Taiwanese sticky rice, or 油饭 (Yóu fàn), is one of my favorite dishes and the ultimate Taiwanese comfort food. Learn how to make 油饭 with this easy Instant Pot recipe. Continue Reading
Best pumpkin for pie Kabocha Pumpkin Pie Recipe - What's the best pumpkin for pie? I have 3 pumpkins from Halloween that I'm going to roast and bake into pies for a fun cooking experiment. Two varieties I selected are common during the fall season, a sugar pumpkin and a white lumina. The third variety,  kabocha squash, is frequently used in Taiwanese dishes. Can you guess which pumpkin wins? Continue Reading
plates of boiled dumplings and potstickers Dumpling and Potsticker and Recipe - Dumplings, or 水餃 (shuǐ jiǎo) in Mandarin, are meat and vegetables in a noodle wrapper. Potstickers, or 鍋貼 {guō tiē), are pan-fried dumplings. The perfect food! This recipe will make a big batch to store in the freezer. Frozen dumplings are fast and easy to cook, a last-minute meal the whole family will enjoy. Continue Reading
round and heart shaped tang yuan 愛心湯 圓 Tang Yuan Recipe - Looking for a warm dessert for these cold winter months? Try this simple tang yuan recipe to make Chinese glutenous rice balls. It's a fun activity for the kids too! Continue Reading
boy looking at slices of taiwanese sponge cake on a plate Taiwanese Sponge Cake - Taiwanese sponge cake 古早味蛋糕 is actually quite easy to make and even more fun to eat! Try the recipe today and enjoy this light and bouncy cake. Continue Reading
ball of cookie dough with colored icing Cookie Play Dough Recipe - This play dough is edible because it's just cookie dough! Use this cookie play dough recipe to model Chinese characters or play with your moon cake molds, then bake and eat! Continue Reading
toddler hands holding plate with 2 cookies decorated with Chinese characters Chinese Character Painted Cookies - Learn Chinese characters with this cookie painting activity. You can make your own cookie dough or use store bought cookie dough. The cookie paint requires just 2 simple ingredients and no added sugar. No sugary icing is used to decorate these cookies. Continue Reading
child hands holding mango Lassi with boba Mango Lassi Boba Recipe - It’s been a rough start to 2020. Even though we are cooped up inside doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy one of our favorite treats. The kids sure could use a boba break in between all the homeschool worksheets. Here is my mango lassi boba recipe, sure to brighten up your day and bring the sunshine inside. It’s fast and easy to make too! Mango Lassi Boba Recipe Start to finish: 5 minutes Ingredients 1 cup mango puree (store bought or… Continue Reading
Chinese red date tea in small cups Winter Warming Tea Recipe - We are a family of boba lovers. In the summer I often make our favorite drink—blended watermelon with boba—just two ingredients but so refreshing and cooling! During the colder months, I like to make a non-caffeinated tea which the kids enjoy warm with boba, a reward for reading Sagebooks. This warming tea recipe includes Chinese red dates, longan, goji berries, and ginger, but you can add or omit ingredients to your taste. We are recovering from the flu and the… Continue Reading

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