Taiwan Summer Camps and Winter Camps

Taiwan Summer and Winter Camps list

Mama Baby Mandarin is not affiliated with any of these camps. All info (including dates and tuition) is subject to change.  Please contact the camps directly for more info and to confirm they will accept overseas students.

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Exploring camps for your child to learn Mandarin, discover Taiwanese culture, and make local friends? Check out this list of summer and winter camps across Taiwan, offering educational and culturally immersive experiences.

Note that camps with local Taiwanese children follow their holiday schedule, which may not coincide with overseas school holidays. Camps typically post their dates very late in the season, making it difficult for overseas parents to plan ahead. In the past, camps have been known to be canceled due to low enrollment. You may want to have a backup plan.

Taipei Summer Camps for Kids:

The majority of camps in Taipei occur during the summer months, which is also the hottest time of the year. More camps become available later in the summer, coinciding with Taiwan schools going on summer holidays.

Winter Camps in Taiwan:

In winter, Taiwanese schools observe a break coinciding with the Lunar New Year, with dates changing annually based on the lunar calendar. Typically, this winter break doesn’t align with the winter vacation in the US. Consider this when planning your winter trip to Taiwan. It does get cold in the winter so it will be a very different experience from summer camps. However, I find winters more enjoyable than the summer.

Camps for Kids Beyond Taipei

Our list encompasses camps beyond Taipei, primarily featuring nature camps and sleepaway options. However, it’s important to note that the majority of camps for kids are located within Taipei.

How to use this list:

Use this list as a directory and reach out to the camps directly for details on prices and dates. Information is subject to change, and updating annually has become challenging as camps typically share their updated details late in the holiday season. Please be aware that any pricing and dates provided are subject to change.

For non-Chinese readers, using Google Translate may be necessary on many websites. However, be prepared for a less-than-user-friendly experience, as most sites are poorly designed. Although I try my best to keep this page up to date, you may encounter broken links as Taiwanese businesses tend to create new pages rather than maintain a link. It may require some patience, but I’ve done the legwork in researching camps to curate this list! Happy planning, and good luck!

If their site does not have updated information, it’s best to reach out to them via Facebook or Line. Most don’t update their websites regularly but will post the latest info on Facebook.

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Alibang Ecological Farm

Alibang Ecological Farm provides enriching nature experiences suitable for the whole family. Additionally, they organize volunteer events for ages 12+, aimed at preserving the native wildlife in their area. This hands-on approach is an excellent opportunity for individuals to learn about preservation, invasive species, and fostering a deeper connection with nature. The farm offers a variety of activities throughout the year, all of which are listed on their website. In the summer, they also conduct a sleepaway camp for those seeking a more immersive experience.

Location: Shimen District, New Taipei City
Cost: TBA
Website: albeecofarm.com

Apple Kids Camp by Taipei Tech

Art and technology come together in these hands-on camps. Class sizes are small—lower elementary maximum is 8 students, and upper elementary is a maximum of 15 students. Classes available include art, baking, science, dance, musical theater, culture, and Photoshop.

Classes are taught in Mandarin only.

Location: National Taipei University of Technology, Da’an District
Ages: 6-12
Cost: NT 6,800
Website: Click for more info


In the morning, campers engage in games alongside sessions featuring readings from famous classical authors and exercises to build English vocabulary. In the afternoon, the focus shifts to art and creative projects, where participants craft 3D mythical creatures while exploring mythology, art history, and the fundamentals of project planning and execution. Artassembly offers a diverse and enriching experience combining interactive learning and artistic expression.

Location: Linkou, New Taipei City
Schedule: 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Please confirm schedule)
Ages: 8-18
Cost: NT 18,000 per week, all materials and lunch included

Artassembly Summer Camp sign up form

藝起做 Art together

Art Together camps integrate art, baking, and programming technology education, fostering creativity through the educational ethos of “hands-on, learning by doing.”

Their website contains screenshots of their posters so it’s a little tricky to get information. It seems they offer classes for toddlers up to high school.

Location: Beitou District, Taipei
Ages: 3-17
Cost: NT 6,500 – 14,300 per session
Website or Facebook Page

Camp Taiwan English

Nature camp for an English immersion experience.

Location: Wanli District, New Taipei City

Summer camps: June-August, multiple dates
Cost: Ages 5-7, 3 days 2 nights, NT 9750
Cost: Ages 7-12, 5 nights 6 days, NT 19,500
Cost: Ages 12-15, 5 nights 6 days, NT 20,650

Winter camps: 3 days 2 nights, January and February for campers 7-15
Cost: NT 9300

Website: Camp Taiwan Facebook Page

Camp Taiwan Mandarin

Great for Chinese learners and for native speakers who want the Camp Taiwan experience, but whose English isn’t quite good enough for our traditional summer camp.

Location: Wanli District, New Taipei City

Ages: 7-14
Dates: Summer camp usually takes place in June
Cost: TBA

Website: Camp Taiwan Facebook Page

Camping Taiwan

Camping Taiwan offers an immersive nature adventure experience, featuring activities such as fishing, river tracing, rock climbing, eel catching, campfire building, camping, and farm activities. The language used at this camp is English.

Location: Hualien, Taitung

Ages: 6-15
Dates: Camps run from October through April and are Five days and four nights
Cost: NT 21,000


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

Summer camps are tailored to elementary school students, featuring a series of classes lasting 2-5 days throughout the summer and winter vacations.

Winter camps offer a customizable experience with a selection of day classes covering diverse topics, including music and dance, dominoes, comedy, finance, drama, magic, and more.

Location: Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Cost: TBA
Ages: 6 – 12
Schedule: full-day and half-day camps
Website: cksmh.gov.tw

Chiao-Chi 巧奇小學堂 Penhu Island Camp

Chiao-Chi camp delves into the lifestyle of Penghu residents, intricately linked with the marine environment. Activities include visiting a local fish market, experiencing traditional fishing techniques, creating a fish specimen, and more. The entire camp will be conducted in Mandarin.

Chiao-Chi also hosts various camps throughout the year. Please join 大手牽小手世界親子遊 for updates and more activities.

Location: Penhu Island, Taiwan
Ages: All ages family camp
Cost: NT 17,500 – 18,000 per person
Schedule: 3 days and 2 nights

China Youth Corps

Various organized camps and activities throughout Taiwan, including:

  • Hsinchu aboriginal hunter-life experience
  • Kaohsiung adventures in nature
  • New Taipei City Mountain Challenge
  • Taichung Aquarium slumber party
  • Taipei firefly ecology
  • Taitung Indigenous Tribe eco experience

Location: Various locations throughout Taiwan
Cost: fees are posted on each event page
Dates: Year-round
Schedule: full-day, half-day, and overnight camps
Website: youth.cyc.org.tw

CTS Camp

Location: Datong District, Taipei
Cost: TBA

Website: ctstudy.com.tw

Earth Child Bilingual Camp

This is a sleepaway camp at a mountain guesthouse to learn about art and nature.

Location: Chenggong Township, Taitung County
Cost: NT 13,500, 4 nights and 5 days
Ages: 6 – 12

Website: Earth Child Facebook Page


This is a local preschool that offers a summer program. Please contact them directly for more info.

Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: TBA
Ages: 15 months – 3.5 yrs, half days only
Ages: 3.5-6 years, half and full days

Website: FriendsKids Facebook Page

Fun-Maker 數位手作工坊

Fun-Maker camps are dedicated to teaching children through hands-on projects crafted out of wood. Camp themes include rubber band guns, creating with gears, DIY marble runs, circuits, and mechanical weapons.

Location: Neihu, Taipei
Cost: NT 4,480 – 7,200
Ages: 6-15
Schedule: Full day 9 am to 4:30 pm

Website: Funmaker.co

Fun Taiwan Camp

Fun Taiwan Camp is a bespoke Mandarin immersion experience that combines textbook learning, storytelling, and lessons in conversational Mandarin aimed to build campers’ listening comprehension, speaking reading, and writing abilities.

In the morning, campers will be in an intimate classroom setting with 10-15 students. 

In the afternoon, we will join the local Taiwanese afterschool program, Fun Study Nest, for activities such as bugs class, magic class, and Taiwanese/Chinese cultural learning. This will be an all-Mandarin immersive experience.

Each week, campers take a half-day excursion outside Taipei to experience nature.  During session 1, there is an optional overnight camping trip to Northeastern and Yi-lan Coast National Scenic Area.

Location: Da An District Taipei City
Cost: NT 49,000
Ages: 6-12
Schedule: Full day 9 am to 4 pm

Website: Fun Taiwan Kids Camps


STEAM-based cooking camp for kids. Each day we’ll have 2 cooking recipes plus 1 STEAM activity. Classes are taught in English.

Location: Shilin District, Taipei
Cost: Early bird price NT 14,800 (book by April 30)
Ages: 6-12
Schedule: half-days and full-days

Website: guudnest.com

愛飛屋親子小學堂 (I Fly House)

2023 Summer Camps

Summer camps are typically held in July and include Penghu Surf Camp, Tainan Backpacking, Yilan Mountain and Sea Nature Camp, Taichung Marine Culture Camp

Cost: NT 6,800 – 16,000 depending on the camp
Ages: 6-12
Facebook Page

Imagine Taiwan Adventure Camps

Imagine offers a range of exciting adventures for kids over the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn holidays. Including both single-day trips from Taipei and overnight camps, each camp is designed to offer exciting new educational experiences.  


The special winter edition of Imagine Camps offers kids 5 days of festive fun. Kids will develop their ability for flow with our unique parkour AND Kung-fu course, rolling and vaulting obstacle course challenge, archery and bouldering skills, and trampolining. To round off this winter adventure, we’ll be working with professional ice skating coaches for fun on the ice at Taipei Arena. 

Includes a day trip to our favorite forested campsite in Pinglin where students will participate in a festive decoration workshop.

Each day we will meet at the Starbucks near Yuanshan MRT station to leave at 9 AM and be back by 5 PM

Location: Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Cost: NT$3,900 / DAY
Ages: 7+
Schedule: Full-day, 9 am – 5 pm

Website: Imagine-taiwan.com

Jump and Roll Kids Sports School

Jump and Roll brings an array of sports and physical fun to kids, featuring gymnastics, jumping rope, tumbling, and more. DIY activities are also integrated into the camp schedule!

Location: Shilin District, Taipei
Cost: NT 23,000/day
Ages: 4-10
Schedule: Full-day

Website: jrsports Facebook page

Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum

NSTM organizes activities and camps throughout the year. There are too many for me to list them all. The website is in Chinese only though.

Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Cost: TBA
Ages: all

Website: Summer Camp or Winter Camp


Tailored for international kids returning to Taiwan for winter vacation, our camp presents an exciting blend of STEAM, clay crafting, ball games, physical fitness, music classes, natural science biology sessions, food DIY, off-campus teaching, and more! In just one week, children get the chance to explore a diverse array of engaging activities, providing a unique experience during their stay in Taiwan!

Location: Beihu Ximen Campus, Wanhua District, Taipei City
Cost: NT 11,000/week
Ages: 4-8
Times: 9 am – 4:30 pm

Website: Kid Fun Fit Facebook Page

Kidchen Club

Christmas Camp
The organizers invite little chefs and little scientists to embark on a global tour, exploring diverse cuisines, cultures, and scientific wonders.

Lunar New Year Camp
Discover the story behind each food such as Guo Bao, Long-Life Noodles, Potstickers, Pearl Rice, and Turnip Cake. In the afternoon, the STEAM subjects are taught in a fun, hands-on process to introduce children to the magical world around them! Themes include humans, insects, chemistry, physics, art, mathematics, and construction.

Location: Zhongshan District, Taipei
Cost: Half Day NT 1,900/day, NT 8,300/week
Cost: Full Day NT 3,400, NT 13,500/week
Ages: 4-10

Website: kidchenclub.com.tw

Lighthouse Camps: STEAM

There are many camps to choose from, including Human Anatomy, JavaScript, Literature, Science Experiments, TED-Ed Student Talks TED, and more! Classes are taught in English.

For Art, Chess, Greek Myth, and Tennis camps, students may join for one day or specific days instead of committing to the entire session.

Cost: TBA
Ages: 5-12

Tennis Camp
Location: Meiti Riverside Park, Zhongshan District, Taiwan
Times:  9 am – 12 pm
NT 2700/day (including court fees)
Ages: 5-12

Location: Zhongxiao Dunhua or online (Tianmu or Beitou upon request)
Website: lighthousecamps.com

Lih-Jen, Taipei Chinese Summer Camp

Parents from all over the world send their children to Lih-Jen during summer vacation for a holistic Chinese learning experience. The 2023 Chinese Summer Camp at Lih-Jen combines effective language immersion with exciting cultural adventures, including field trips and an overnight camping trip with local students. Campers will not only enjoy their summer abroad but also become more proficient in Mandarin. 

Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: TBA
Schedule: Mon-Fri 8 am to 4:10 pm
Cost: 2-week program: NT$30,700 (USD 1,077), 4-week program: NT$36,700 (USD 1,288) 
Ages: 3-12

Website: ljjhps.tp.edu.tw/

Little Kitchen God 小灶神冬令營

小灶神冬令營 provides traditional Taiwanese meals to the community. They also host camps for children, teaching them through cooking and farm tours.

Location: Songshan District, Taipei
Cost: NT 8,800
Ages: 6 and up

Website: Zaogod.com/2023winter

Little Luban Woodworking

Location: Wujie Township, Yilan
Cost: TBA
Ages: 3-12

Website: Little Luban Facebook Page

Eye On Nature Camp

Camps include Lathe DIY, Microscope Observation, Marine Ecology, Food Science, Crazy Chemistry, Insect Master, Magic Science, Wilderness Survival, Farm camp, and more!

Camps for toddlers include science discovery and fairytale science.

Winter Dates: January 22 – February 2, 2024

Location: Various locations throughout Taiwan
Cost: TBA
Ages: 4-11

Website: Lovenature.org.tw

Lucas and Friends

Lucas and Friends is an afterschool program for international students. They offer full-day winter, summer, and holiday camps.

Location: Tienmu, Shilin Distric
Cost: NT 15,500 per session
Ages: 4-12

Website: Lucas & Friends Facebook page

Mandarin Daily News

Chinese language workshops for overseas children. In addition to Chinese courses, full-day and half-day camp courses include cultural activities, allowing children to experience Chinese cultural activities such as Go, Noodle Kneading, Bells, and Kung Fu.

Location: Zhongzheng, Taipei
Cost: NT 19,000 to NT 45,000. Fees vary based on selected courses
Ages: 6-15

Website: study.mdnkids.com

Martin organic farms – 野草花果有機農場

Four nights including restaurant dinner, breakfast night view campfire party. One parent can accompany a student for an additional meal fee of $1000.

Location: Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Cost: NT 8500/5 days (Discounts: 5% off for 2 students, 10% off for 3 students, 15% off for 3 students)
Ages: 5 – 11

Website: Martin Farmers Facebook Page
Email: martinlin4526@gmail.com
Line & Phone: 0975638765

Meet Up Formosa

Junior Diplomat Summer Camp —As a leading English guiding camp in Taiwan, we take students on a walking tour to explore local culture by visiting historic sites with a professional guide and sharing stories all the way.

Location: Taipei, Hsinchu, Tainan, Kaoshiung
Ages: 10 – 18
Cost: 2 nights and 3 days for elementary school students: NT$15,000
(Discount for 2 or more: NT$13,000/per student)

 3 nights and 4 days for junior/senior high school students: NT$19,000
(Discount for 2 or more: NT$17,000/per student)

Website: likeitformosa.com

MLC Summer Camp

This camp is for overseas children interested in improving their Mandarin language skills and learning about Taiwan’s culture.

All students are required to take a placement test, and the school will assign students to classes according to their age and test results. The levels are divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, and excellent. 

Students will explore northern Taipei, learn about arts and crafts, and improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: NT 25,000 (NT 22,500 early price until March 31)
Ages: 7-13
Schedule: Full-day, Mon.- Fri. 9:10 am – 3 pm

Website: mlc.sce.pccu.edu.tw

Ms. Lam Montessori

Location: Taipei locations: Song Jiang, Tienmu, Xingsheng, Xinyi
Cost: TBA
Ages: 2-6

Website: www.montessori.org.tw

Muddy Hands Garden & Nature Play

Muddy Hands is a bilingual English and Mandarin afterschool program that also offers weekend and holiday camps. Activities include nature-based arts and crafts, simple woodworking projects, nature observations, loose parts play, baking, planting, and natural movement. Activities are instructed in English and Mandarin. Maximum of 12 children per day. 

This camp is on my wish list! Check out all the fun on their Facebook page

Location: Taipei, Beitou District
Times: 9 am to 4 pm
Cost: NT $3500 per day
Ages: 6-11

Website: muddyhands.com.tw

Nature Pond

Nature Pond is an eco-tour company that will offer nature camps for kids and visit locations throughout Taipei and surrounding cities. They will also partner with Tainan’s Shu Gu Science Museum.

Location: Various locations
Dates: year-round
Cost: TBA
Ages: TBA

Website: Nature Pond Website or Facebook Page

National Taiwan Science Education Center

Hands-on classes that make math, science, STEAM, and music fun! Camps are held during spring and summer break.

Location: Shilin District, Taipei
Cost: Prices vary depending on course selection
Ages: 5-14

Website: NTSEC.gov.tw or NTSEC Facebook Page

NTNU Mandarin Summer Camp

Mandarin Chinese language education combined with traditional cultural lessons, exploratory field trips, and activities designed to be fun and memorable.

Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: NT 44,000, plus NT 1,000 registration
Ages: 6-17
Schedule: Full day from 9 am – 4 pm

Website: mtc.ntnu.edu.tw

NTNU Little Masters Summer Camp

Location: National Taiwan Normal University, Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: NT 21,000, plus NT 500 registration
Ages: 6-9

Website: ntnucamp.sce.ntnu.edu.tw

NTNU Amazing Formosa Camp

Location: National Taiwan Normal University, Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: NT 55,000, plus NT 1000 registration
Ages: 14-24
Website: ntnucamp.sce.ntnu.edu.tw

NTNU Winter Camp

Check this link for the winter course list

Location: National Taiwan Normal University, Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: TBA
Ages: 6-9
Website: ntnucamp.sce.ntnu.edu.tw

National Taipei University of Education

Students will learn Mandarin and experience Taiwanese culture. Sessions included physical education, cultural experience, and Mandarin study.

Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Cost: NT 34,000/session ($1,140 USD)
Ages: 6-15
Schedule: Full-day, 9 am – 3:30 pm
Website: clec.ntue.edu.tw


The Overseas Community Affairs Council, a government initiative, provides subsidies for programs aimed at educating heritage families overseas about Taiwanese culture. For more details, please visit their website. Please note that navigating their website can be challenging.

Location: TBA
Cost: TBA
Ages: 15-25
Website: ocac.gov.tw

Orchid Island Parent-child Eco Camp

Explore the unique ecology of Orchid Island! Each family will have their own room at a bed and breakfast. Activities include snorkeling, swimming in a natural pool, and discovering turtles, fish, and other sea life. Experience local flavors and delicacies dining island style with picnics and barbeques.

Location: Orchid Island (蘭嶼) (departing from Kaohsiung)
Dates: 4 days and 3 nights with sessions in April, May, and June
Cost: NT 14,000 for adults, NT 13,000 for children)
Ages: All ages. This is a family camp

Fabre Nature Facebook Page

Pley School

Hands-on activities will teach students problem-solving skills while learning about current socio-economic issues, global crises, and strategies toward world peace. Camps are held in Mandarin.

Information is based on the website.


Ages: students in grades 1-8
Schedule: Full-day from 9 am to 5 pm
Website: pleyschool.org

Smart Apple Camp

This is a language learning center that focuses on the STEAM approach to education.

Location: Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
Cost: TBA
Ages: 6-11
Website: Smart Apple Facebook Page

Sky Kids

Sky Kids partners with local schools that allow foreign students to attend classes alongside local students. Lessons are in Mandarin only.

Yongan Camp
Visiting students have the opportunity to join a special school-based camp program for Grades 2-6 in the weeks of Dec 19-23 and Dec 26-30 We also recommend the 6th-grade option for current 7th graders who are currently studying Mandarin. This is a fully immersive Mandarin learning opportunity in a live local school and classroom setting. Spaces are limited to 2-3 students per grade per week.
Yongan Elementary School, Zhongshan District, Taipei
Ages: 7-11

CIO Maker School
CIO’s teaching method is based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) approach. Our goal is to inspire students to solve problems and learn through play. CIO Maker School is a local camp and after-school program provider in the Greater Taipei area. Each weekly session has between 10-15 students, which may be organized into smaller groups based on age and to maintain a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:4. Read my CIO camp review.
Location: Tatung University, Zhongshan District, Taipei
Ages: 8-12

Cost: $515 USD/week
Schedule: Full-day 8:30 – 4:30
Website: sky-kids.org

Sparkle and Shine Camps

Meet Dr. Sparks & the S Team – creators of PBL Adventure summer camps spanning cities across Taiwan. Tailored for Taiwanese students comfortable in a whole-English setting, our 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day STEAM camps emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each day delves into a different STEAM element (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) under the guidance of experienced native-English-speaking teachers, ensuring a week filled with immersive learning and fun.

Locations: Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung
Cost: 2-day NT 7,000, 3-day NT 10,050, 5 day NT 16000
Ages: 2-7
Website or Facebook Page

Summershine Camps

Children will learn English while participating in sports, creative and outdoor activities, and discovering nature. Camp is held in English only.

Locations: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Cost: NT 12,900
Ages: 7-12
Website: summershinecamps.com

Superkid 超悅小子 and Green Taiwan

Founded by French educators, Green Taiwan Camp offers cosmopolitan experiences in French, English, and Mandarin within small groups, all set in beautiful and tranquil natural surroundings.

Locations: Miaoli, Puli, Nan’ao Township
Cost: NT 10,500 – 14,500
Ages: 6-14
Website: Superkid Taiwan or Green Taiwan Camps Facebook Page

Taipei Language Institute

Mandarin language camp for children and teens offering smaller camp sizes. The school is located in Tienmu, not to be confused with the Shilin Night market area.

Locations: Shilin District, Taipei
Cost: NT 9,692 – 11,150 depending on the weeks registered
Ages: 6-14
Website: tli.com.tw

Taipei Mandarin Summer Camp

A placement test will determine course level. Camp teaches Mandarin Chinese and culture. This school also offers classes for parents. Discounts are offered for early registration and returning students.

Locations: Daan District, Taipei
Cost: NT 25,000/session
Ages: 7-13
Website: mlc.sce.pccu.edu.tw

Taipei Sports Centers

In addition to typical programs for basketball, badminton, swimming, and dancing, Taipei Sports Centers will organize camps for airsoft guns, snorkeling, archery, rock-climbing, canoeing, trampoline, drone, or parkour classes.

Each sports center location offers its own “comprehensive” camps. Examples include the “Galactic Battle Camp” in Neihu; the “Young Athletic Monster” class in Xinyi; and the “All-rounded Athletes” and Wenshan’s “Happy Kid’s Activity” camp organized by Daan District Sports Center. Students will have a chance to experience a wide range of fun activities, including DIY lessons, fencing, Chinese yoyo, and board games.

To register for the sports summer camp program, please call or visit the website of the respective district sports center. Please note that there will be little or no English language assistance. They also do not post camp information on the website. You may get lucky and find more info on the Facebook page for the location you would like to attend.

Locations: Several locations in Taipei—Xinyi, Wanhua, Beitou, Shilin, Taishan, Da’an, Wenshan
Cost: TBA
Ages: TBA
Website: sport.gov.taipei

Taipei Zoo

The Taipei Zoo doesn’t share too many details about its educational events. An example of their exceptionally unique experiences is their elephant-feeding activity. The zoo organizes special events periodically, and you can stay updated by checking their website.

Locations: Wenshan District, Taipei
Cost: TBA
Ages: TBA
Website: zoo.gov.taipei

Taitung Sailing School 台東帆船學校

Sailing lessons for kids and the entire family!

Half-day course: 5-day morning sailing (only sailing course) NT 6,500/person-
Full-day course: 5-day sailing camp (including board and lodging, morning sailing class, afternoon activities, etc.) 16,500/person
Adult course: 5-day afternoon sailing (only sailing course) NT 7,500/person
Family experience: 1,800/person for adults, NT1,200/person for children (under 15 years old)

Ages: 8-18
Locations: Taitung, Taiwan
Website: Facebook Page


Tinkerseeds organized its summer program into four weekly themes for July 2023. From exploring different parts of the world to learning about science, art, history, and nature, your child will get a chance to learn new things while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Locations: Zhongshan District, Taipei
Schedule: Full Day
Cost: NT 13,900/week
Ages: 4-8
Website: tinkerseeds.com/summer

TYPA – Taipei Youth Program Association

Day Camp “A Taste of TYPA”
Ages: 6-12
Cost: NT 12,000/week

Film Camp
Ages: 11-13
Cost: NT 14,000/2 weeks

Summer Tech Camp
Cost: NT 24,000/week

Summer Tennis
Cost: N/A

Basketball Camp
Cost: NT 12,000/week

Tiger Tots Preschool Camp
Ages: 2-5
Cost: NT 6,000 (Half Day) / NT 12,000 (Full Day)

Locations: Tianmu, Shilin District
Website: typa.org.tw or TYPA Overseas Registrations


This is one of the more affordable camp options, however, the website is entirely in Chinese. Call or visit the location nearest you to learn more.

Locations: Taipei. Multiple locations
Cost: TBA
Ages: TBA
Website: ymca-taipei.org.tw


Many options from indoor or outdoor camp, sports, cooking, arts, science, language, and more! Winter and Summer sessions.

Locations: Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Cost: Prices based on selections
Ages: 6-12
Website: ywca-taipei.org.tw

豆采龍兒童藝術中心 (Dou Cailong Art Center)

This is a play-based camp where children learn through STEAM activities and art.

Locations: Banqiao District, New Taipei City
Cost: NT 7,500 per week
Ages: 6-12
Website: calalong.com

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