The Kid-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Taipei Trip

Immerse your little ones in Mandarin language through offbeat Taipei Kid-Friendly Activities with local flair. Add these cultural, educational, and just-for-fun activities to your sightseeing itinerary and discover the extraordinary side of Taipei. Create vibrant memories that will make your family trip to Taiwan unforgettable for your children. There’s something to explore in every part of Taipei.

Tamsui: Boardwalk Vibes

Tamsui is the last stop on the MRT Red line and beckons with its enchanting mix of history, scenic waterfront, and family-friendly charm. Explore the quaint Old Street with its diverse local snacks, enjoy the vibrant fisherman’s wharf with its captivating sunsets, and enjoy boat rides, arcade games, and street performances. With its diverse offerings, Tamsui is the perfect destination for a wholesome family outing, promising a blend of culture, delectable treats, and scenic beauty.

Ride the Tamsui Ferry to Bali

Take a ferry from Tamsui Pier to Bali Old Street. Your kids will have a blast on the electric ride-on cars, scooping fish, playing games, and feasting on street food. Weekends are very busy and it is recommended to arrive earlier in the day to avoid long lines.

Ferry tickets cost NT 34 ($1.09 USD) per person.
Check the Tamsui ferry schedule

Watch the Street Performers at Tamsui Old Street

In the evenings you can catch spectacular free shows on Tamsui Old Street. The pier might be the best spot in Taiwan to watch the sunset. Friday and Saturday nights are the most lively with many street performers, arcades, night market stalls, and hawkers. There’s an area with a perfect view of the sunset where parents can rent bikes for children, and an open area to play where there’s often a toy cart putting on a free bubble show. Tamsui Old Street is a popular spot for families to spend a weekend afternoon. It can get crowded.

It is free to visit Tamsui Old Street
📍Get directions to Tamsui Old Street

Explore a Historic Courtyard House in Taipei

There are few of these traditional U-shaped homes in Taiwan that are accessible to the public. The Cheng Family Abode is a historic Minnan-style courtyard house that is thought to have been built in the late 1700s. Change into a qipao or hanfu for a DIY photo shoot with an unforgettable backdrop. Check their Facebook page for special events.

Free entry. Closed Mondays.
📍Get directions to Cheng Family Abode

Yangmingshan — Nature in Taipei

Yangmingshan’s hot springs can be a relaxing experience for parents while offering a unique experience for children. Yangmingshan’s easy hiking trails, picnicking spots, and accessibility make it a family-friendly destination for nature lovers.

The slide and play are at Tien Lai Resort and Spa, Taipei. Image credit

Family-Friendly Hot Springs Hotel

Escape to a five-star experience at Tien-Lai Resort & Spa, where parents can rejuvenate in the hot springs while children enjoy the slides and water play area. Check availability at Tien-Lai Resort

Family-style feast at 青菜園

Authentic Dining Experience on Yangmingshan

If you are seeking a moderately priced Taiwanese family-style meal, 青菜園 Vegetable Garden is a rustic eatery known for its salted chicken, stir-fried fresh greens, hearty soups, and steamed buns. Note that the staff speak Mandarin and the menus are in Chinese.

📍Get directions to 青菜園

Family-friendly fun in Yangmingshan stream at Futianyuan Leisure Farm. Image credit Xie Qingqing shared publicly on Facebook

Play in a Stream on Yangmingshan

Within Futianyuan Leisure Farm is a stream where children are allowed to play in the water. There is an entry fee and reviews are mixed about the cafe. However, many of the streams in Taipei are no longer accessible and this is a nice activity for the warm months. Summer camps are also hosted at this location. Visit the Futianyuan Leisure Farm Facebook Page for their schedule and more info about their camps.

Park Entry fee is NT 250 ($8 USD) per person. Includes a drink.
📍Get directions to Futianyuan Leisure Farm

More than Hotsprings in Beitou

Visit Beitou for its hot springs and enjoy more than a soak! Beitou, Taipei’s northernmost district, evolved from its past as the city’s entertainment red-light district, Beitou has transformed into a family-friendly locale with numerous new playgrounds. Explore Old Beitou in the morning to witness the vibrant atmosphere of Taipei’s largest public market.

Local Wet Market Wonders

Beitou Market, one of the oldest wet markets in Taipei, offers a dynamic experience with outdoor vendors changing daily. Below I will link to the entrance of the market building. The covered market houses stalls selling cooked foods such as minced pork rice and potsticker noodles, my favorite! The friendly noodle shopkeeper might even let your kids cut out dumpling skins! Make sure to browse the two streets outside for the market building. My kids enjoy seeing the live seafood, rainbow-colored fruits, and yummy local foods. Don’t miss the chance to find budget-friendly books and children’s clothes in this vibrant marketplace.

Closed Mondays.
📍 Directions to the Beitou Market building entrance

Walking along the old tracks at the Xinbeitou historic train station

Hop on a Vintage Train Car

The Xinbeitou Historic Station sits beside the MRT station, welcoming visitors to explore its historic charm. Throughout the year, the city hosts organized events, and local vendors showcase handmade goods and delicious food in booths in front of the station. Families and couples relish the open space, strolling along the old train tracks. Check the Xinbeitou Historic Station events schedule.

Free. Closed Mondays.
📍Directions to the Xinbeitou Historic Train Station

Free indoor playground near Beitou MRT station

Fun Free Indoor Play Time

The Beitou Parent-Child Center is a large indoor play place. The downstairs hosts a pirate ship-themed play structure for children up to age 6. Upstairs is a toddler play area and a classroom for cooking classes and art. Registration is required for the classes.

Free. Closed Mondays.
📍Directions to Beitou’s Parent-Child Center

Image credit

An Eggciting Experience

Join the fun at Beitou Chicken Farm, where kids aged 2-10 get to discover the incredible journey of how eggs are made. It’s not just educational; it’s a hands-on experience that brings food to life in a way that little ones can truly enjoy!

🎟️ Get tickets to the Little Egg Farm experience

Take a Walk in the Clouds

Stroll into Thermal Valley, a truly magical place in the winter. Volcanic activity heats the water and steam rises, creating a scene straight out of a movie. In Taiwan, soaking in the hot springs is called 泡湯, make soup. Do not get in the water unless you really want to become soup. The stone benches at the park are called love benches. They are made in a V shape and designed for the seated people to slide together. The kids found this very entertaining.

Thermal Valley is accessible from the MRT red line. As you walk up to the park, you will enjoy fresh air, the sound of trickling water, birds, cicadas, and nature. Free. Closed Mondays.

Free. Closed Mondays.
📍Get directions to Thermal Valley

MRT Emergency Preparedness for Kids

The MRT Escape Experience (捷運北投會館逃生體驗營) is ideal for young train enthusiasts (3-5 years old), but may not engage older kids. Ironically, the MRT Escape Experience is not near an MRT station. It’s a short taxi ride from the Beitou MRT station. If you are driving, parking is available on-site. Consider UBER or rideshare service for your return transportation as taxis may not be readily available. Tickets can be purchased on-site.

Adult: NT 50 ($1.60 USD), Child: NT 25 ($0.80 USD), Under 6 free
📍Get directions to the MRT Escape Experience

Rollerblade class. Image credit Cooper溜冰隊

Join the Rollerblade Brigade

Enroll your child in Cooper溜冰隊 rollerblade classes alongside local Taiwanese kids. All equipment is included, and classes take place on Sundays at 11 am at the skating rink under the Beitou MRT bridge. They also offer holiday camps. Learn more or register for a rollerblading class

Shilin’s Endless Fun Awaits

A Sweet Experience: Make Pineapple Cakes

The delightful 2-hour pineapple cake class at Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry is suitable for all ages. Make these delicious and iconic Taiwanese treats, complete with beautiful wrapping and boxing. As your pineapple cakes bake, explore the museum and try on qipao for a mini photo session. This activity is a must on your Taipei travel list! Conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Shilin MRT station,

🎟️ One adult plus one child is $18 USD.
Reserve your tickets for the pineapple cake experience

Our favorite playground in Taipei

Taipei’s Best Playground for Airplane Enthusiasts

Calling all aviation enthusiasts! Huabo Park Xinsheng Park Playground stands out as Taipei’s top playground for airplane-loving kids. Experience the thrill as airplanes fly so low you can almost touch them. My son loved seeing the wheels come down for landing. This expansive playground boasts diverse play zones, featuring a colossal climbing structure with a super long slide, a separate area for younger children, swings, and a sand pit complemented by a water feature. There are also shaded resting tubes, open areas to run or play ball, and paths for biking and scootering. Fuel up at the on-site cafe and enjoy convenient restroom facilities for a seamless playday experience.

This playground is within walking distance of Addiction Aquatic Development, Maji Square, and Shuangcheng Street Night Market.

📍Get directions to Huabo Park Xinsheng Park Playground

Taipei shrimping experience is fun for the whole family, except this guy.

Shell-out for Shrimping: Taipei Shrimping Experience

Shrimping is a distinctive Taipei experience. At Shrimp City, the owner will prepare your catch and you can add side dishes from the menu for a full meal. Allocate at least an hour for this activity to ensure a good catch, and if you snag two at once, enjoy a complimentary drink! The cost covers the fishing rod rental, and since one rod can be shared among family members, it’s an affordable and enjoyable outing.

Tip: It’s less crowded during the day which means fewer patrons smoking.

📍Get directions to Shrimp City

Fishing game at Shilin Night Market

Play to Win Night Market Games

Everyone leaves with a prize at Shilin Night Market! There are several different games for all ages. Sadly, many of the traditional games have been replaced but the kids will still have fun. The main game area is located in the market building next to the temple. Arrive before 6 pm to avoid the crowds and lines at the popular food stalls. You’ll find traditional night market foods and the latest trendy eats, plus trinkets galore! Shop and eat to your heart’s content.

📍Get directions to the night market games

It’s Science Time!

Discover 4 floors of kid-friendly fun at the National Taiwan Science Education Center. It’s a huge building and some of it is closed to the public, but you can spend at least two hours in the open exhibits and play spaces. There are often kids’ events on the weekends but I prefer less crowded weekdays.

Museum Entrance: Adult NT 40 ($1.30 USD), Child NT 30 ($0.65 USD)
Space Ride: Adult NT 70 ($2.30 USD), Child NT 35 ($1.15 USD)

📍Get directions to the National Taiwan Science Education Center

Perfect Pint Size Amusement Park

The Taipei Children’s Amusement Park is a gem in the middle of Taipei! An ideal destination for a delightful half-day adventure of live performances, kid-friendly rides, engaging arcade games, creative DIY stations, and restaurants. While certain rides have height restrictions, there are attractions suitable for all kids and kids at heart.

All-day pass NT 200 ($6.50 USD)
📍Get directions to the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

UFO: Unlimited Fun Opportunites

If your child is into space, they will love the Taipei Astronomical Museum. It’s suitable for older children ages five and up. There are interactive exhibits sprinkled throughout, and a toddler play area for the young and restless. We spent about three hours at this museum. TIP: Go straight to the fourth floor for the space ride. It’s the highlight of the visit! Then work your way down through the other floors.

Museum Entrance: Adult NT 100 ($3.20 USD), Child NT 70 ($2.25 USD)
📍Get directions to the Taipei Astronomical Museum

Hello Kitty-themed hot pot in Taipei at Giguo. Image credit: Google Maps

Hello Kitty Hot Pot

Hello Kitty fans won’t be able to resist this fun hot pot experience at Giguo. Children will love the ice cream bar and mochi for dessert. With stellar reviews, be prepared for potential lines at this popular restaurant.

Make a reservation at Giguo, Shilin

PS Bubu Car Cafe

We came for the car theme but the food definitely delivered. PS PUBU is a very casual dog-friendly eatery with zero formalities. Just a comfortable friendly spot to dine. Our pasta dishes were prepared just right. The strawberry milkshake was quite delicious and not too sweet at all. It’s weird of me to say this because I usually order fries as a filler, but their french fries were perfectly crispy and so good. Must try!

Meteor Garden fans: the first date scene was filmed here!

📍Get directions to PS Bubu Car Cafe

Witness a Koi Fish Feeding Frenzy

Next to the National Palace Museum lies the stunning Zhishan Garden, featuring numerous pavilions and a captivating pond teeming with hundreds of lively koi fish. While you can purchase fish food, sitting by the pond’s edge often prompts the fish to approach with mouths wide open, hoping for a tasty morsel. Zhishan Garden became the saving grace for my kids after a somewhat dull visit to the National Palace Museum.

The garden is open daily and free to visit, with or without a museum ticket. Museum closed Mondays.
📍 Get directions to Zhishan Garden

Floating on a giant lily pad in Taipei’s Shuangxi Park. Image Credit:

Float on Giant Lily Pads

If you are visiting Taipei in the summer months, don’t miss the opportunity to sit on a giant lily pad at Shuangxi Park (雙溪公園). Please note that the city has not hosted this event since 2020. The purpose of this listing is to act as a placeholder to check for updates

📍 Get directions to Shuanxi Park

Datong District

Locals having breakfast at Dadaocheng’s Cisheng Template. Image credit Yahoo News.

A Traditional Breakfast in Dadaocheng

Craving an authentic local dining experience? Hop on the MRT to Dadaochen’s Daqiaotou Station and explore the morning market at Cisheng Temple. Indulge in local favorites like braised pig’s feet, rice porridge, pot sticker soup, oyster omelet, and more at the bustling stalls.

📍Get directions to Cisheng Temple

Children taking a class at 印花作夥 inBlooom Together. Image credit inBloom Together Google Maps.

Screenprinting is Tote-ally fun!

Experience the allure of a historic house in Dadaochen while discovering the art of traditional screen printing at inBloom Together. Select from over 15 carefully curated printing patterns and create your masterpiece on inBloom’s timeless bread bag. No prior experience is required, and you can finish your project in just 30-60 minutes.

NT 450 per person
🎟️ Register for a class at inBloom Together

📍Get directions to 印花作夥 inBlooom Together

Variety of retro outfits that are free to rent at the Dadaocheng Visitor’s Center. Image credit TripAdvisor.

Take A Stroll into the Past: Free Retro Chinese Outfit Rentals

Experience the charm of Dadaocheng in style with complimentary costume rentals at the Dadaocheng Visitor Center! Reserve your two-hour slot, embark on a delightful photoshoot within one of the center’s picturesque rooms, or stroll through the historic streets of Dadaocheng in costume, capturing memorable moments at every turn. Children’s sizes are available but the selection is smaller than adult garments.

🎟️ Book your FREE retro costume rental

Sharing tea time with a snake at 玩蟒人生 Pythonism

Tea Time with Reptiles

玩蟒人生 Pythonism is a tiny reptile shop that doubles as a cafe. Reptile enthusiasts will have a blast meeting new cold-blooded friends and perhaps have a snack together. Parents must accompany children. Only adults can hold the reptiles for the animal’s safety. The owner asks that you make a reservation at least a day in advance. We went on a Tuesday afternoon and it was fully booked back to back!

There is a one-drink minimum per guest, about NT 180. They offer teas, grape juice, orange juice, and cakes. As with any animal shop, there is an ammonia-like smell.

📍 Get directions to 玩蟒人生 Pythonism

Get Doraemon Treats To-Go

Don’t miss out on the limited-time Doraemon treats at Cheese Duke! This bakery boasts a stellar 5-star rating from 7,200 reviews.

📍Get directions to Cheese Duke

Soap-making experience at 免費串珠班. Photo credit: 大稻埕製皂所-美肌原皂 Facebook Page

DIY Soap Making

Dadaochen Soap Factory (大稻埕製皂所) is a small shop with various classes parent-child classes. The fragrances smell wonderful and kids will enjoy washing up with their hand-made soaps. Sign up for the soap-making experience.

📍 Get directions to the Dadaochen Soap Factory

Fun Evening at Dadaocheng Pier

Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market offers a diverse range of entertainment, including live music and performances, along with options for both traditional Asian and Western cuisine. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase, and the market attracts a younger, more hip crowd compared to other night markets. My kids had so much fun they asked to return and rent bikes before dinner. They enjoyed sitting on top of the container restaurants, but make sure you arrive early to be able to snag a spot to enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

📍 Get directions to the Dadaocheng Wharf

Zhongshan District

Mother and daughter wearing traditional Chinese clothing. Image credit: Gooday Photo Studio

Traditional Hanfu or Qipao Photos

A Hanfu/qipao photoshoot is a memorable experience for your Taipei trip. At Gooday Photo Studio, Costumes and hair and makeup services are included in the fee. You can also bring your own outfits. Don’t miss this opportunity, make a reservation weeks in advance at Gooday101.

Family portraits start at NT 10,900 ($348 USD)
📍Get directions to Gooday101

There are different ride-on vehicles to choose from at Maji Square, Taipei

An afternoon at Maji Square and Expo Hall Playground

Exit Yuanshan MRT station and you’ll arrive at Maji Square. There is a farmers market on the weekend mornings, bounce houses for kids, vendors selling food, and trinkets. This is also a good place if you are looking for Western food such as bagels and tacos. You can also rent ride-on vehicles for kids. During the day, there are often groups of teens practicing dance moves, making it look like a K-pop audition is about to begin. In the evening there are some pretty amazing performers. There is also a free indoor playground (Parent-Child Center). Next to Maji Square is a large playground worth noting for the variety of play areas and accessible swings. You could spend an entire day here.

📍Get directions to Maji Square

Huge crab at Addiction Aquatic Development. Image credit

Eat Sushi at a Hip Seafood Market in Taipei

Although some say it’s touristy, Addiction Aquatic Development is one of my favorite places to visit in Taipei. We love looking at the tanks of live seafood. It’s extremely clean, has no fishy smell, and your kids can get a very close look at sea creatures. To avoid the long wait at the stand-up sushi bar, purchase the prepackaged sushi and seafood and eat at the picnic tables outside. The latter is a much more affordable option, especially if you have children who can eat an entire tray of uni!

📍Get directions to Addiction Aquatic Development

Taipei’s longest secret slide

Tour Taipei’s Secret Slides

Venture into the hidden underground passages that house the secret slides of Taipei’s Grand Hotel. Learn about the history of the hotel and the reasons behind the construction of the slides. Please note, that visitors are not allowed on the slides as they are not safe. The tour is conducted exclusively in Mandarin Chinese, providing children another opportunity to practice their language skills.

🎟️ Get tickets for the Grand Hotel secret slides tour

A Little Tuft Love

Tufting seems to be having a moment in Taipei. Comode invites you and your little one to join their special parent-child classes, where together, you can craft a beautiful rug. Advanced reservations are required and dates sell out quickly.

Book a parent-child tufting experience

Indoor Shrimping—With A/C

Shrimping in Taipei is worth a try at least once — or twice! This is an activity that requires a little patience but is a memorable experience. This year we decided to try an indoor shrimp pond. The bonus is that no one can smoke at 全佳樂釣蝦場 because it’s an indoor shrimp pond!

Tip: Get off at Shuanlian MRT station, and walk through the market to buy snacks to eat while shrimping. The scholar cakes are delicious!

NT 350 per hour for one fishing rod ($11.40 USD)
📍Get directions to 全佳樂釣蝦場

Make Paper Tofu!

Did you know that making paper is similar to making tofu? When the paper is still trying, it’s called 紙豆腐(paper tofu). This fun hands-on activity at Suho Paper Museum takes about an hour from start to finish. You’ll learn about the entire process from making paper pulp to pressing the paper. There’s some time while the paper is drying for you to browse the museum or the shop on the first floor.

My kids enjoyed this activity and want to continue making paper at home. The museum shop sells relatively affordable kits if you’d like to make this a hobby.

📍Get directions to the Suho Paper Museum

Lunch is served in toys, mini shipping containers, and cartoon dishes. Image credit:

Eat at a Cartoon Cafe

If your family is craving American food, Tank Q Cafe & Bar offers an unforgettable dining experience with its over-the-top cartoon theme. Every dish is presented in a toy, whether it’s mini shipping containers, trucks, boats, or mini Tatung rice cookers, ensuring your kids are in for a delightful meal.

📍Get directions and book a table at Tank Q Cafe & Bar

Neihu District

Children pretending to put out a fire. Image credit: Taipei Fire Safety Museum

Firefighter for a Day

Whether your child is a fire truck fanatic or you want to educate them on fire safety, the Fire Safety Museum is an informative exhibit on the history of Taipei’s firefighter and rescue teams. Children will learn what to do in case of fires and earthquakes, see a fire truck up close and investigate different types of safety gear. It’s an excellent educational spot for emergency preparedness, featuring a smoke room and an earthquake simulator. Advanced reservations are required.

Free. Closed Mondays.
📍Get directions to the Fire Safety Museum

Frolic With Fish Friends

Nestled in the scenic Dagouxi Park is a shallow creek, offering a cool retreat for children in the summer. Here, they can play in the water and try to catch little fish while parents rest in the shade nearby. During the cooler months, venture through Dagouxi Park by tracing old train tracks through tunnels, appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms, and marveling at cascading waterfalls. This park is the perfect spot for a family picnic away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Taipei.

📍Get directions to Dagouxi Creek

Build a Paper Airplane Launcher

Book a holiday camp or purchase a maker kit at Fun-Maker 數位手作工坊. Each kit, skillfully designed by the shop owners, includes exciting options like marble runs, robot coin banks, rubber band guns, and beyond! Learn more about the Fun-Maker DIY camps

Songshan District

Ride the MRT with Hello Kitty and Friends

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Taipei MRT collaborates with Sanrio, transforming select trains into enchanting rides adorned with HELLO KITTY and friends until December 2024. Commemorative Taipei MRT and Sanrio souvenirs are available at station shops, with a special photo backdrop at Nanjing Fuxing Station. For information on locating the Sanrio trains, download the Go! Taipei Metro app.

📍Get directions to the Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station

DIY insect specimen class at Entobuzz 蟲蟲巴斯. Image credit: Entobuzz 蟲蟲巴斯

Buggin Out Insect Classes

Entobuzz 蟲蟲巴斯 offers a highly educational exploration of insect ecology, fostering a newfound appreciation for these creatures and perhaps even discovering their cuteness. With various classes on insects and reptiles, the center provides insights into their ecology and proper care. Children get the opportunity for close observation and learning about these fascinating creatures.

Tours are NT 300 ($9.60 USD) per person. Classes start at NT 350 ($11.20 USD).
🎟️ Book a class at Entobuzz 蟲蟲巴斯

My kids waiting their turn to meet the meerkats

Meerkat Meetup

Prepare for a rendezvous with the Meerkat75 Café’s most charming staff members! These curious fluff balls are very friendly and so cute! They just want to play and maybe dig through your pockets. For families with children 5 and under, staff will bring a meerkat directly to your table for an unforgettable visit with our younger guests.

All visitors are kindly requested to remove their shoes and sanitize their hands, There is no smell at all. Prices are very reasonable with a minimum spend of NT 300 for adults and NT 200 for children. The menu features pasta and American-style fried finger foods such as french fries and chicken strips.

Fun fact: In Chinese, the word for meerkat is 虎獴 (Pinyin: hǔ měng). The character 虎 represents “tiger,” while 獴 stands for “mongoose,” as meerkats belong to the mongoose family.

Book a table at Meerkat75 Café – 75度獴

Da’an District

Cakes that look like fish heads and sushi. Image credit: Pozzo Bakery

Have Your Fish and Eat Cake too

Craving a fish head? What if it’s cake?! Pozzo Bakery crafts delectable and occasionally quirky creations that will have kids buzzing with excitement for years. Their latest offerings include realistic fish head cakes and sweet treats resembling a sushi dinner. Beyond being intriguing, these delightful creations are also irresistibly delicious!

📍Get directions to Pozzo Bakery

Xinyi District

Child polishing their DIY silver jewelry piece. Image credit: GIFTIE根據您想法做銀飾

Design a Sterling Silver Keepsake

Craft personalized silver jewelry in a 2-2.5 hour class at GIFTIE根據您想法做銀飾. Children ages 5-12 will explore traditional metalworking techniques like sawing, filing, welding, and hammering. Whether carving their Chinese name for a unique piece or creating a thumbprint pendant, it’s a delightful and thoughtful keepsake for Mom! Book a class.

NT 2880 per child for one completed piece
📍Get directions to GIFTIE根據您想法做銀飾

Glassblowing class at Eslite in Taipei. Image credit:

Experience Glassblowing

Located in Eslite Lifestyle Songyan store, Kun Crystal provides glassblowing classes for ages 6 and above. Select the glass piece you want to make—be it a glass ball, cup, or ornament—and enjoy a personalized 30-minute one-on-one class. The crafted piece will be ready for pickup the following day, offering a truly unique experience. Advanced booking is required.

NT 1000 – NT 1500 based on the glass piece you would like to make.
📍Reserve your spot at Kun Crystal glassblowing

Vintage train car exhibit at the Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum. Image credit: Google Maps

The Preparatory Office of the National Railway Museum is Taiwan’s modern railway repair factory, overseeing critical functions like train assembly, repair, and maintenance. It welcomes guided tours, offering insights into Taiwan’s rich railway culture. Explore vintage train cars, witness operational trains in repair, and learn about train and track system maintenance. Noteworthy exhibits include the employee bathhouse, providing a glimpse into the lives of early railroad workers in Taiwan. While the museum is a work in progress, it is still worth a visit for train enthusiasts. Tour reservations are highly recommended.

Free. Special Christmas event from 12/23
📍Get directions to the Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum

Watch a 4DX Movie in Mandarin

Immerse yourself in the Mandarin language as you watch a movie, surrounded by the immersive elements of wind, mist, scents, and dynamic chair movements. It’s not just a movie; it’s a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience that engages all your senses for an unforgettable journey.

See what’s playing in 4DX at the Vieshow Cinemas

Zhongzheng District

Special Events You Won’t Soon Forget

Huashan 1914 Creative Park serves as an art center with cute shops and event spaces. We attended a unique and educational event for kids that focused on animals and nature. The entire experience was interactive, with children actively involved, and the highlight was getting into penguin costumes and sliding down an iceberg through a great white shark’s mouth. Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended as events sell out. Click here to see the latest events at Huashan Creative Park.

A History Museum For Natural History Buffs

National Taiwan Museum 國立臺灣博物館 is yet another amazing activity in Taipei that is almost free! The ticket price includes entry to the main building and the Landbank Building across the street. There was so much to see here that we easily spent three hours in the main building, but rushed through the children’s floor so that we could make it to the other building before closing. The museum volunteers will explain exhibits if needed.

📍Get directions to the National Taiwan Museum.

A Museum for Dinosaur Lovers

The Land Bank Exhibition Hall is the Natural History building of the National Taipei Museum. This historic bank houses a collection of massive fossils of prehistoric reptiles, mammals, and indigenous animals. Though small, this museum is a special experience for dinosaur lovers. You can also explore an old bank vault and construction exhibit.

📍Get directions to the Land Bank Exhibition Hall

Ships Galore—Big and Small

The Evergreen Maritime Museum housed a large collection of model ships along with some interactive games for kids. The volunteers at the museum can speak Mandarin and English. If you have a child who loves ships, this museum would make their day.

NT 200 ($6.36 USD). Closed Mondays.
📍Get directions to the Evergreen Maritime Museum

Learn about Taiwan’s Postal History

The Postal Museum is a multi-level interactive experience. The carrier pigeon mascot guides visitors through the history of Taiwan’s postal service. This museum provides entertainment for children, offering parents a respite from the summer heat or winter rains.

📍 No. 45號, Section 2, Chongqing S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Win Prizes at Revolving Sushi

Experience the excitement of Kura Sushi, where the conveyor belt showcases an array of sushi plates. My kids loved being able to choose their favorite dishes. Ordering from the touch-screen brings your food delivered via bullet train. Don’t forget to drop your plates into the table slot for a shot at winning prizes! Kura Sushi has multiple locations in Taipei.

📍 Get directions to Kura Sushi, Zhongshan

Doraemon Reimagined

Twenty-eight artists showcase their creations, paying homage to the beloved world of Doraemon and envisioning the future of these iconic comic book characters. For any child who grew up watching Doraemon and reading the comic books, this exhibition promises a wave of nostalgia. Explore the opportunity to acquire exclusive Doraemon memorabilia imported from Japan. Kindly note, that this is an art exhibit and not an interactive event.

🎟️ Get tickets to the Doraemon Art Exhibit

Wenshan District

Animal Encounters Up Close and Personal

Our annual visits to the Taipei Zoo are consistently filled with unforgettable moments. On our last trip, a sloth approached us, and we had the chance to marvel at stunning birds up close. The spacious animal enclosures set this zoo apart from others we’ve experienced. The pandas, true to form, were a riot. Plan to dedicate the entire day to this zoo adventure!

Pro tip: take the train to the top and work your way down, unless you plan to go to Maokong. In that case, start from the bottom and take the Maokong gondola from the top of the zoo. Pack a picnic lunch. You can also bring instant cup noodles and use the hot water dispensers at the zoon. The food options at the zoo are not very good and the lines get long.

Tickets start at $1 USD
📍Get directions to the Taipei Zoo

One of the longest slides in Taipei. Image credit:

Go Down Taipei’s Longest Slides

If you find yourself in Wenshan and need a place for children to burn off energy, Wenshan Forest Park Adventure Hill is known to have one of the longest slides in Taipei.

📍 Get directions Wenshan Forest Park Adventure Hill


How to Find Things to Do in Taipei with Kids

Many local events in Taiwan seem to pop up without any notice. Some companies take to social media to promote events, but I find that you just have to be in the right place at the right time! During my search for things to do in Taipei, I found several sites to look up events and activities. Here is the list:

Tours and Attractions
Owl Ting Local Experiences
Live Performances
Era Ticket
Street Performers

Children’s Activities
Nice Day

Local Events
Media Sphere
Kham Ticket

Classes and DIY Workshops