Tech Tips and Tricks for Learning Chinese

How to Add Zhuyin in Microsoft Word How to Add Zhuyin in Microsoft Word - This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add Zhuyin in Microsoft word. Adding Zhuyin, also known as Bopomofo, is useful for creating flash cards, labels, worksheets, and any documents for learning Chinese. Zhuyin is a Phonetic system used in Taiwan that helps you sound out the characters and aids in better pronunciation. Continue Reading
How to add Zhuyin to websites with this Chrome extension How to Add Zhuyin to Websites - Do you ever wish you could implant a microchip in your brain and instantly be able to read as many languages as programmed? Until then we can make reading Chinese for newbies a little easier with the technology available now. Here's how to add Zhuyin (aka Bopomofo) to websites using a Chrome extension. Translating Chinese to English isn't always accurate, add Zhuyin instead and make it possible to shop Chinese sites, read news, and use educational websites. Continue Reading
Google Sheets automatically translate english to chinese Automatically translate English to Chinese with Google Sheets - Use google sheets to automatically translate English to Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Pinyin. Google sheets is free! Continue Reading
Google fonts screenshot Free Chinese Fonts - Google Fonts now has free Chinese fonts. You can use them to create your own worksheets and flashcards. You can even use the fonts for commercial use if you want to resell your creations. Both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese fonts are available. Just go to Google fonts to get started! Continue Reading