Easy Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

happy children sitting under red paper lanterns and chinese new year decorations

Making New Year decorations with your children is a fun way to bond and learn about Chinese culture. You don’t have to be a DIY master, you just need to know one simple technique—the accordion fold! When I was thinking of craft ideas to do with my then 3-year-old, I remembered many of the projects I made growing up started with folding and cutting paper. I’ve put together this list of easy Lunar New Year crafts, most tutorials are based on the simple accordion fold.

Get ready for Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Tết, and Spring Festival with these fun and easy craft ideas!

Easy Chinese New Year Crafts

Year of the rabbit activity for kids rabbit picture frame free printable

Year of the Rabbit Photo Frames

Hoppin into 2023 be like… this adorable bunny frame! Print the coloring sheet or full-color design and personalize it with your own photos.

image credit: Ms Claudia Lee Kimura

Cardboard Lion Dance Heads

Make this fun wearable lion dance head to wear for your Lunar New Year festival.

image credit: Red Ted Art

Year of the Rabbit Puppet

Color, paint, and decorate this paper puppet. The customization options are endless!

image credit: 画宋轻赋临江仙 – bilibili.com

Rainbow Paper Lantern Craft

What a unique paper lantern idea! This craft is simple enough for preschoolers and still fun for older children.

Chinese New Year Paper Lantern decorations Craft

Red Envelope Lanterns Wall Decoration

These lanterns are easy to make and can be strung together to make a banner to decorate your mantle or wall.

Double Fish Chinese New Year Decoration

In Chinese culture, fish symbolize an abundance of wealth and good luck. This easy DIY craft will delight your fish-loving child.

child holding Chinese New Year dragon decoration made out of red envelopes

Red Envelope Dragon Decoration

Make this red envelope dragon out of red envelopes. It’s a fun and beautiful way to decorate your home for this festive holiday.

Chinese New Year Ornament

The possibilities are endless with this accordion fold fan. Just decorate with any design or symbol of your choice.

Fan Lantern Wall Art

What a clever way to make a lantern decoration. This design is simple yet adds a new dimension to your Lunar New Year decor.

Fish Money Holder

Origami Fish Money Holder

Make these lucky fish to hold gold $1 coins, or use larger paper for standard bills.

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