Talking C-Pen Chinese Flashcards

The C-pen Chinese flashcards are a great resource for parents that do not speak Chinese, or like me are not fluent Chinese speakers. With just one tap of the C-pen your child can learn the proper pronunciation of Chinese characters. On the back of the card is the definition of the character, an example phrase, and the stroke order for writing practice. Read More

How To Protect Your Flashcards

Flashcards are expensive! For a while I kept the few cards that we were learning in an envelope. But inevitably one would get creased, colored on, or lost. Boo! I wanted something my kids could use for car trips, but imagine if they dropped a stack of flashcards in the car?! My suggestion for protecting Read More

Halloween Mandarin Learning Activity

Ok, here goes my first ever post! I found this banner kit at Micheal’s (for 50% off!) and created a worksheet and flashcards to turn our DIY session into a Halloween Mandarin Learning activity. I’m SLOWLY working with my 4 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter to learn Traditional Chinese characters. The graphics Read More