Red Envelope Dragon Craft

child holding Chinese New Year dragon decoration made out of red envelopes

Make this red envelope dragon out of red envelopes. It’s a fun and beautiful way to decorate your home for this festive holiday.

The inspiration came from a screenshot shared by another mom in a Facebook group. I would love to find the mom that came up with this idea and give her credit. I did add my own creative touches. Instead of red paper, I decided to use some leftover red envelopes. I also created a printable template for the body, head, and tail.

My kids were very excited about this dragon. I hope you and your family enjoy this project together!

Red Envelope Dragon


  • dragon template
  • 6 red envelopes (size: 2.75 inches wide) or a sheet of red paper cut into 3 strips lengthwise
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • ribbon or string for hanging
supplies and template for Chinese New Year dragon decoration made out of red envelopes


These instructions are included on the template so you will not have to print this blog post.
  1. Print the template on red cardstock. You can also print on white cardstock and color the dragon head and tail.
  2. You will need 6 red envelopes that are 2.75 inches wide. Prepare your red envelopes by cutting along the two sides to create a strip of red paper.
  3. To make the dragon body, accordion fold the strips, then glue the ends together to make one long piece.
  4. Cut out the template along dotted lines. Punch out the holes for hanging.
  5. Glue the dragon body in fan shapes to the piece labeled “dragon base”.
  6. Tie string or ribbon to the holes to hang your dragon.

Red Envelope Dragon Video Tutorial

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