Chinese New Year Dragon Activity

Dragon Activity
Dragon Activity

Another rainy day here so we are spending the morning on this Chinese New Year dragon activity inspired by an image from It’s always Autumn. It’s likely you’ll already have all the supplies needed for this activity. I used some empty cracker/biscuit boxes. Autumn uses cereal boxes so I adjusted the size accordingly. We are making our dragons red for Chinese New Year. My 4 year old his using red paint, while my 2 year old is tearing pieces of red construction paper and gluing them to her box. I’ve learned my lesson giving a 2 year old non-washable paint!

Dragon Activity Paint
Dragon Activity Glue Paper

Once they were done decorating their boxes, I cut out strips for the dragon body. If you are using cereal boxes you would fold the strips in half. Since my boxes are smaller I just doubled the amount of strips. This step is for parents or older children. You can use scissor or paper cutter, but I like to use an exacto blade because it’s faster and you get an accurate straight line.

Dragon Activity Draw Design

Next, punch 3 holes in each strip. I did 2 strips at a time to make sure my holes would line up with each other. Insert the brads and piece together the body of your dragon. The last step is to glue the head on.

You can find the detailed instructions from It’s Always Autumn here.

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One thought on “Chinese New Year Dragon Activity

  1. Sunny says:

    What a fun craft for Chinese New Year. Super unique. Thanks for sharing. Was just reading your About Me page and my grandparents used to live in 北投 too! I have fond memories visiting their place there. A nice escape from central Taipei.

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