Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year Outfits

Lucky Rabbit cupcake shirt design with the tagline "very good, not too sweet!" for Lunar New Year 2023

Shopping for Chinese New Year clothes for your celebration? Here are some traditional and modern outfit options to consider. Many are affordable with fast shipping in the US. Some of the clothing on this list will also be appropriate for Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. No matter where you are from, the little ones always look so adorable in their festive attire!

Mama Baby Mandarin Designs

The “Not Too Sweet!” concept was inspired by my aunt in Taiwan. I had a chuckle every time she said, “it’s good, not too sweet!” This is the best compliment a dessert can receive from an Asian woman. I created this with my daughter in mind. She is too sweet, too caring. I worry about how people will take advantage of her kindness. My goal is to raise kind humans but I want her to be strong as well. I want her to be “very good, not too sweet!”


Designed by an illustrator, this brand artistically blends her nostalgic designs with a contemporary flair.

image credit: NianYi

Lucky Bunny Sweater

image credit: NianYi

Bunny Print Jacket

Beth and Brian Qipao

This is a US-based small business selling high-quality qipao (aka cheongsam) clothes in traditional and modern prints.

image credit: Beth and Brian Qipao

Year of the Rabbit Sweater Knit Dress

image credit: Beth and Brian Qipao

Year of the Rabbit Parent and Child Sweater

image credit: Beth and Brian Qipao

Kids Chinese Dress Retro Qipao with White Crane

image credit: Beth and Brian Qipao

Kids Chinese Jacket Red with Dragon Brocade

image credit: Beth and Brian Qipao

Chinese Dress with Tutu skirt

Bunny Happy

This site sells qipao, hanfu, and even kimonos in the cutest styles and prints. They advertise that shipping is only 1-3 days from California.

image credit: Bunny Happy

Kids Chinese Dress with Tutu Skirt

image credit: Bunny Happy

Lucky Rabbit Sweatshirt

image credit: Bunny Happy

Red Floral Brocade Qipao

image credit: Bunny Happy

Red and Silver Floral Brocade Qipao


image credit: Disney

Thumper Year of the Rabbit Sweater

Amazon Marketplace

image credit: Amazon

Hello Kitty Lunar New Year Tee

toddler chinese new year sweatsuit
image credit: Amazon

Toddler Chinese New Year Sweatsuit

Fortune Cookie Booties by Sushibooties
image credit: Amazon

Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

These are just too cute and I share them year after year.

image credit: Amazon

New Year Zip-up

This is technically a red fox hoodie, but no one will know! Looks like a tiger to me!

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