Reindeer Candy Holder Card Printable

reindeer candy holder card

Looking for a fun and easy DIY gift? My kids spent a rainy afternoon coloring, painting, cutting, and gluing these adorable holiday cards that hold a sweet treat. Your child’s teachers, friends, and family will all love receiving a reindeer candy holder card! The download link and instructions are below.

Cardboard reindeer candy holder cards
Cardboard reindeer candy holder cards
Watercolor reindeer candy holder cards
Watercolor reindeer candy holder cards


Reindeer Candy Holder Card Instructions:

  1. Download the reindeer candy holder card file and print the template.
  2. Color/paint and cut out the pieces.
  3. Cut out the nose circle and the back circle.
  4. Fold the card in half along the solid line.
  5. Use the gluestick to attached the ears and antlers.
  6. Place the candy inside the card and use the gluegun to glue the card closed.

Tips for using this template

child coloring holiday template to make a reindeer candy holder card

The template can be colored, painted, or used as a stencil to make cardboard cards.

screenshot of a reindeer candy holder  card 

The design is print-friendly and will save ink! Laserjet prints on cotton paper are best for watercolor since inkjet prints bleed when wet.

No time to DIY? Order a similar reindeer lollipop card

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