Magic Flashcards

magic flashcards

These magic flashcards require a secret decoder. How fun! I actually came up with this idea for another project and my son begged me to make him something. All you need are the free printable files and something red and transparent. Please note that it must be red or this will not work. Some items you may use are cellophane wrapping, an index folder/divider, acetate projector sheet, etc. In my case I had the lid from a plastic food container works great.


  1. Download the background pdf file and the MS Word template.
  2. Edit the word file to add the Chinese characters.
  3. Print the background file. Make sure you print at 100%. Do not resize or “fit to scale”
  4. Then print the word file on the same sheet you just printed. You will print directly on top of the background image.
  5. Optional: cut out the cards.

Kids DIY hidden messages

No printer? No problem! My kids have been making their own hidden messages all day. See the video or follow these instructions:

  1. Use a cyan pencil or crayon to draw an image or character. Light blue or teal works as well. Just draw lightly.l
  2. Scribble over the image with orange, red, yellow, and pink crayons.
  3. Use your decoder to see your secret message. Decoder can be any red translucence film, but must be red.

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  1. lisa says:

    This looks so fun, thank you for sharing. I wish that I could do it with all the words in the sagebooks series, but I think my husband would kill me with all the ink i’d be using. Any suggestions on how we could make something similar to reuse again and again?

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