Reusable Worksheets

Zipper Binder

Time to test out these reusable worksheets during our home school day. The Camp Fire in Sacramento has been burning for over a week now. Although some 80 miles from where we live, the air quality is so bad here that we’ve been hiding in doors all week. According to online sources, breathing this polluted air is equivalent to smoking 2.4 cigarettes each hour that you are exposed. Many schools in our area have closed today. My son promised he would work on his writing if he didn’t go to school.

Mini Dry Erase Markers
Binder Worksheets

The zippered binders are from a local Buy Nothing Facebook group and were brand new, about $50 savings. It is a great resource for many kids items since they grow out of things so quickly. I also offload a lot of items in the group. I feel much better knowing our gifted items are going to good use rather than collecting dust at Goodwilll or ending up at a landfill.

Today’s worksheets are from Morning Mobi. They have a few free printables and I like that they are black and white. I always print on fast quality with black ink only to make my printer cartridge last longer. To make them reuasable I purchased heavy duty sheet protectors and mini dry erase markers. I found them at Target $3.50 but later saw them at Daiso for $1.50. I’ll definitely be picking up more. My kids are obsessed with dry erase markers. For a 2 and 4 year old they are like magic! These markers have no smell and wipe completely clean without staining the sheet protectors. The mini size and thickness is perfect for their plump little hands.

Writing Practice Over
Marks Under Table

My 4 year old was excited about his new binder and the markers. Writing practice started well and I had my hopes up that he was actually going to get into writing Chinese characters! My son is left handed and has a difficult time with writing. It’s not an activity he enjoys or has the attention span for. My 2 year old was having a great time coloring. By the time I set up my laptop to start on my work, it seems writing practice was already over.

After about 3 minutes of writing he had slumped over with his sister saying, “hey, sit up nicely!”. I wonder who she got that from? Ha! I thought he was just bored but later discovered he was marking up the bottom of our dining table. Luckily these dry erase markers wiped off completely. I’m now debating if I should drop him off at school after all!

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