Father’s Day Books

Father's Day Books

We are reading a few silly and heartwarming stories to celebrate dad. Here are our selections for Father’s Day books this year.

We borrowed a two of these books from our local library! The public library is such a valuable resource. Borrowing books saves money and trees! It also helps to reduce clutter in your home. Borrowing books allows you to preview them before buying so you can build a library of books your kids want to read again and again.


Book You and Me
Book You and Me play
Book You and Me Pretend
Book You and Me Exercise


This is a very cute book about the relationship between father and son from the child’s point of view. The boy is teaching his father how to be a kid again while they sail pirate ships or play in the rain.

Chinese Title: 爸爸,我跟你說…
English Title: YOU and ME, ME and YOU
Language: Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, English



A book for kids that love firefighters and firetrucks! The story illustrates a firefighters important, but dangerous job. Dad is a fire fighting hero but his son just wants quality time together.

Chinese Title: 我的爸爸是消防隊員
English Translation: My Dad is a Firefighter
Language: Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin



This is a sentimental story of a father who worries about his daughter growing up. The illustrations are sweet and comical. The message teaches the traits girls should look for in prince charming, but the secret is that dad will always be your true prince charming!

Chinese Title: Daddy跟妳說秘密
English Translation: Daddy Will Tell You a Secret
Language: Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin



This little daughter doesn’t want to go to bed. Sound Familiar? She describes all the things she would do if she were dad. The illustrations are sure to make you laugh! What a funny Father’s Day book.

Chinese Title: 如果我是你
English Title: If I were you
Language: Simplified Chinese

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