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Want to improve your Chinese skills? Listening is an important part of learning a language! Podcasts are a great way to improve your Chinese skills, and best of all, it’s free! Here are some key benefits of listening to Chinese Podcasts:

  • Improve language comprehension
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Hear proper pronunciation

Make Podcasts a Part of Your Lifestyle

We have google home devices to broadcast podcasts and music via Spotify. I set up a daily routine that plays the children’s favorite Mandarin Chinese story podcasts at dinner time. I like to broadcast Chinese podcasts during craft time and independent playtime. My children are much calmer while there’s a podcast playing!

During long car rides, podcasts are great entertainment for the kids.

Podcasts keep me company when I walk to pick up the kids from school and they even make exercising a lot more tolerable.

Where to Listen to Podcasts

These days, most of the popular podcasts are available for free on mainstream apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

KKBox and Firstory are specifically for podcasts from Taiwan. Ximalaya is China’s largest audio-sharing platform. These sites are in Chinese but you can easily translate the page to English (or your preferred language) on most browsers. On a PC, right-click and select “Translate”. On a Mac, press control and click anywhere, then select “Translate”.

How to Search for Podcasts

In addition to podcasts that teach Chinese, search for podcasts intended for Chinese speakers to learn English. Also search in Chinese, “學英文/学英文” to find even more options!

Mandarin Chinese Storytime Podcasts

Level: Intermediate to Elementary proficiency

There are too many story podcasts to list them all, but here are the podcasts we love and subscribe to.

GK爸爸 Mandarin Chinese Storytime podcast

GK爸爸 – GK Father

Animated storytelling with original music and stories that evoke laughter from any audience. He also shares his experience as a stay-at-home dad living in Taiwan. Available on Apple, Firstory, Google Podcasts, KKBox, Spotify, SoundOn, and YouTube.

水獺媽媽巧巧話 – Otter Mom Stories

Fun stories in Mandarin Chinese with mini Taiwanese language lessons (台語小教室) at the end of each podcast. Available on Apple, Spotify, and KKbox. Visit Otter Mom’s website to learn more.

一起說故事 by 孩子睡了

Children submit their own ideas that are brought to life on this show. Available on Apple, Google Podcasts, KKBox, and Spotify.

Educational Mandarin Chinese Podcasts for Kids

Level: Elementary to Advanced

NER 打開小耳朵 – Open Little Ears

Let’s talk about science with kids! Available on Apple, Firstory, Google Podcasts, KKBox, and Spotify.


Lessons adapted from popular fairytales that teach the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Available on Apple, and Google Podcasts.

Bilingual Podcasts (English and Mandarin Chinese)

Mandarin Chinese Speakers Learning English

These podcasts are intended for Mandarin Chinese-speaking children to learn English, however, I find that it’s also helpful for Chinese learners! There’s a lot more spoken Mandarin with translations in English, great for children that can already understand Mandarin.


Listen to stories and learn! Teacher Sandy is a seasoned creator of English language content for radio and print. Available on Apple, Google, KKBox, Firstory, Spotify, and YouTube.

NER國立教育廣播電臺 – NER Kids

A bilingual English and Mandarin program designed for children aged 3 to 8. Produced by Taiwan’s National Education Radio. Available on Apple, Firstory, Google Podcasts, KKBox, and Spotify.

English Speakers Learning Mandairn Chinese

These podcasts are best for beginners. A lot of the content is in English with some Mandarin translations.

Let’s Chat with Lele

Listen and learn Chinese as Lele and mommy chat about everyday topics relatable to younger children. Available on Apple and Spotify.

Chinese Star Tales 亮晶晶中文

Join Mama Yen and her daughter as they share stories and sing songs in Mandarin. Available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and YouTube.

ICRT News For Kids

News For Kids broadcasts stories in English, with Chinese translations to help second language learners living in Taiwan! *The host is not a native speaker and has an accent when speaking Mandarin. Available on Apple, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Podcasts for Adults Learning Mandarin

There is currently only one podcast that I have continued to

Kevin 英文不難

Although intended for Mandarin speakers learning English, the translations also improve Mandarin language comprehension. Topics include current news and casual conversation that are often funny. Available on Apple, KKBox, and Spotify.

Podcasts to Learn Taiwanese (台語)

Bite Size Taiwan

Bite-Size Taiwanese

Bite-sized Conversations teaches everyday Taiwanese for newbies, elementary level, and pros. Available on Apple (newbie, elementary, pro), and Spotify (newbie, elementary, pro).

水獺媽媽巧巧話 – Otter Mom Stories

Fun stories in Mandarin Chinese with mini Taiwanese language lessons (台語小教室) at the end of each podcast. Available on Apple, Spotify, and KKBox. Visit Otter Mom’s website to learn more.


Clean and kid-friendly jokes in Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese. Great for fans of dad jokes and big cheese that want to learn a little bit of Taiwanese. Available on Apple, Google Podcasts, and Spotify,

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