Boba Reward Chart

Boba reward chart, classroom rewards

Got a little boba lover? Reinforce your child’s positive behavior with this boba reward chart. Available in English, Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin, and Simplified Chinese with Pinyin. This can be used as an online classroom reward system or at home to encourage your child to do their chores, homework, or being nice to siblings. Reward systems can be adapted to fit your family’s goals.

Our family goal is to foster teamwork and build a stronger bond between our children. They need to work together to earn points and are rewarded together. We are using this together with a daily task chart. If they complete their daily tasks then they earn a point. Once they earn enough points they can redeem them for a reward. In our case, the reward my children work towards each weekend is a boba drink on Saturday afternoon. It’s funny that they ask for food and not toys!


Here are some words of praise and encouragement in Chinese that you can use to help your child to each their goals.

Words of Encouragement

You can do it: 你可以的 (nǐ kěyǐ de)

You are good, keep trying: 你很乖,繼續努力 (Nǐ hěn guāi, jìxù nǔlì)/你很乖,继续努力

Wow! I see you trying hard, keep going: 哇! 我看到你在努力。 加油 (Wa! Wǒ kàn dào nǐ zài nǔlì. Jiāyóu)

You’re doing much better: 你進步很多了哦! (Nǐ jìnbù hěnduōle ó!)/你进步很多了哦!

Words of Praise

Well done: 做得好 (Zuò dé hǎo)

You did it: 你做到了 (Nǐ zuò dàole)

You’re awesome: 你太棒了(nǐ tài bàngle)

Yay! You earned a point: 耶, 你得到一分了 (Yé! nǐ dédào yī fēnle)

Here’s a reward: 給你一個獎勵 (Gěi nǐ yīgè jiǎnglì)/给你一个奖励

boba reward chart - classroom reward systems

Download the Boba Reward Chart

I created a design based on my family’s favorite boba drinks and a black and white version your child can customize. Select the color palette and language to download your file. Use DIY pompom magnets (shown below), a dry erase pocket and marker, or download the printable boba rewards.

Coloring Pages

Bubble Milk Tea on a Blue Background

Bubble Milk Tea on a Coral Background

Passionfruit Milkshake on a Pink Background

Strawberry Smoothie on a Yellow Background

Options for Boba Rewards

Boba Magnets

Glue pompoms onto magnets to use with metal bulletin boards. Kids love pompoms—they are tactile and cute!

Dry Erase Marker

Laminate your reward chart or slip it into a dry erase pocket and draw on each reward with a dry erase marker.

Boba Printable

Download and print the boba with this printable. I’ve included black and white boba that your child can color in and make it their own.

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