Superheroes in Chinese

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We are learning about Marvel’s superheroes in Chinese because my son’s classmates are really interested in this topic. They bring their action figures to school, pretend play, and discuss movies and cartoons they’ve watched. Lately my son has been talking about “Octopus Prime” and “Bumble Bee Ninja”. He means Optimus prime! Ha Ha Ha!

We don’t have a television and limit screen time so he’s never seen the movies or cartoons and has no idea who these superheroes are. He thinks Spider-Man catches spiders! I do worried about him feeling left out, a concern validated by his teacher recently. She mentioned that he often plays alone while the other boys run around pretend fighting, each playing their favorite superhero. Although I’m okay with him not participating in pretend fighting, it breaks my heart to think he may feel lonely.

As a solution I decided we can read books about superheroes! I also researched superhero vocabulary in Chinese and the names of the main characters he asks about. This morning on the way to school we chatted about superheros and I used the new superhero terms. He was excited that I was interested in superheroes and had many questions. I hope he has a better day in school today.

Superheroes in Chinese Cheat Sheet

Basic Superhero Vocabulary

Traditional Chinese: 超級英雄
Simplified Chinese: 超级英雄
Pinyin: chāojí yīngxióng

Super Speed
Traditional Chinese: 超級速度
Simplified Chinese: 超级速度
Pinyin: chāo jí sù dù

Traditional Chinese: 刀槍不入
Simplified Chinese: 刀枪不入
Pinyin: dāo qiāng bùrù

Super Strength
Traditional Chinese: 超級力氣
Simplified Chinese: 超级力气
Pinyin: chāo jí lìqì

Superhero Characters


Traditional Chinese: 蝙蝠俠
Simplified Chinese: 蝙蝠侠
Pinyin: biānfú xiá

Captain America

Captain America
Traditional Chinese: 美國隊長
Simplified Chinese: 美国队长
Pinyin: měiguó duìzhǎng

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
Traditional Chinese: 驚奇隊長
Simplified Chinese: 惊奇队长
Pinyin: jīngqí duìzhǎng


Traditional Chinese: 綠巨人
Simplified Chinese: 绿巨人
Pinyin: lǜ jùrén

Iron Man

Iron Man
Traditional Chinese: 鋼鐵俠
Simplified Chinese: 钢铁侠
Pinyin: gāngtiěxiá


Traditional Chinese: 蜘蛛俠
Simplified Chinese: 蜘蛛侠
Pinyin: zhī zhū xiá


Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 超人
Pinyin: chāorén

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Traditional Chinese: 神奇女俠
Simplified Chinese: 神奇女侠
Pinyin: zhénqí nǚ xiá

Chinese Language Books Featuring Western Superheroes

I searched the public library for Marvel Comics in Chinese but did not find any books featuring the traditional characters, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. We did borrow a few English editions of the Marvel Comics and my son has been engrossed in them! I am considering purchasing the Chinese editions for our home library. Below are a few that I found available through online retailers. (Taiwan)
Avengers: Superhero Big Collection
Captain America
Captain Marvel
Marvel Heroes
Marvel Superhero Guide
Marvel Superhero Legends
Spiderman and Ant Man set

Glorias’s Bookstore
Marvel Heroes 4 book set

Superhero Cartoons in Mandarin

These cartoons are intended for younger viewers, but please use your own discretion. I still feel there’s too much fighting and violence.

Youtube Playlists
DC Kids
Justice League

Free Superhero Coloring Pages


Thanks for reading! Now check out this funny post about Chinese nicknames for Marvel’s superheroes, for adults 😉

For a more comprehensive list of superhero characters in Chinese, here’s a Wikipedia page that lists them by region.

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