Halloween Decorations Bat Pennant Banner

halloween decorations bats

Halloween season has arrived! I’m kicking off my favorite holiday with these quick and easy DIY bat Halloween decorations. All you need is black construction paper and some glue. Googly eyes are optional but always enjoyed!

Bat Pennant Banner Instructions

halloween decorations bats

Start with a standard size sheet of construction paper and cut in half. Accordion fold as shown below.

bat decoration, cut paper
bat decoration, fold wings
bat decoration, fold paper

Open up the accordion and fold side to side. Cut the wings at a tapered angle to create the shape of the wings. This step is optional, but I find it makes the finished bats look less like black butterflies.

bat decoration, cut wings
bat decoration, cut folded paper
bat decoration, wings

Next, cut a small strip of paper and warp it around the middle of the wings. Use some glue to secure the strip. Cut out the bat head and stick on google eyes.

bat decoration, wings
bat decoration, glue wings
bat decoration, glue eyes

I didn’t use a template, just free-hand. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The kids will have fun regardless! My daughter spent an hour cutting up the left over scraps of paper and gluing them together. She also used up all the googly eyes and made her own monster decoration.

What DIY decorations or costumes are you making this year with your littles? Please share!

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