Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations

Halloween season has arrived! I’m kicking off this holiday with skeleton and bat Halloween decorations. They are quick and easy to DIY and best of all, practically FREE! The skeleton is made using repurposed packing materials. The bat pennant banner is black construction paper.

We love playing dress up and have an extensive costume collection for the kids. Sadly my own costume collection was sacrificed when we moved into a smaller apartment. I spent many nights sewing until the morning hours. Now I can share my passion to create with my son and daughter. I love that my little one thinks a sleep mask turns her into a superhero! Also that she chooses a construction vest or fireman uniform over a princess dress. She’s so funny!

Skeleton Decoration Instructions

As much as I try to buy locally there are many times I need to order online. It pains me to think I’d adding to the trash problem we are now facing. I usually save what I can but often I end up with a pile of cardboard and paper that sit around for longer than I can stand. This project re-purposes some of the packing paper.

My son and I traced my daughter’s shape on the brown Kraft paper. We did the same one white packing paper which we’ll use for the bones.

halloween decorations draw outline
halloween decorations outline

Using the outline drawn on the white paper, draw the skeleton parts and cut them out. On the brown Kraft paper outline I wrote the respective Chinese characters. I chose simple characters like 頭,心,大腿,腳 (head, heart, thigh, foot). If your children are more advanced you can use skull, rib cage, femur, etc. We just aren’t there yet.

halloween decorations parts
halloween decorations layout
halloween decorations face
halloween decorations ribcage

Glue the top portion of the skeleton parts to the background, creating a flap. For the thigh bone I created a tab to secure the top of the paper. That’s it, your skeleton decoration is not ready for your wall or window.

halloween decorations stomach
halloween decorations hand
halloween decorations head
halloween decorations thigh

Bat Pennant Banner Instructions

halloween decorations bats

Start with a standard size sheet of construction paper and cut in half. Accordion fold as shown below.

bat decoration, cut paper
bat decoration, fold wings
bat decoration, fold paper

Open up the accordion and fold side to side. Cut the wings at a tapered angle to create the shape of the wings. This step is optional, but I find it makes the finished bats look less like black butterflies.

bat decoration, cut wings
bat decoration, cut folded paper
bat decoration, wings

Next, cut a small strip of paper and warp it around the middle of the wings. Use some glue to secure the strip. Cut out the bat head and stick on google eyes.

bat decoration, wings
bat decoration, glue wings
bat decoration, glue eyes

I didn’t use a template, just free-hand. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The kids will have fun regardless! My daughter spent an hour cutting up the left over scraps of paper and gluing them together. She also used up all the googly eyes and made her own monster decoration.

What DIY decorations or costumes are you making this year with your littles? Please share!

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