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Fruity Pie Preschool Program

One of my favorite children’s shows that you can watch on Youtube is 水果冰淇淋 (Fruity Pie). This show is the longest running preschool program since it’s first episode aired in 1998. The main characters are four curious puppets and their grandmother. Granny Fruity Pie is played by 趙自強 (Chao Tsu Chiang). He is a supporting actor in over 14 movies and dramas such as The Queen of No Marriage and Miss in Kiss. If you love Taiwanese dramas then he’s surely a familiar face.

The theme song has a catchy tune that you’ll be humming to yourself when you least expect. Here’s the animated MV:

水果冰淇淋-長大做甚麼 MV – Fruity Pie Theme Song

I like this show for the non-annoying children’s songs and music videos, wonderfully illustrated cartoons, and their Ninja Warrior style preschool game show. Fruity Pie teaches children about manners, importance of doing chores, understanding their emotions, and even Taiwanese culture. I was able to find the Fruity Pie book of lyrics at our local library that includes a DVD and CD that I play in the car. You can search 水果冰淇淋 : 音樂狂想曲 in your library catalog or purchase online.

This video below was very helpful when we had a difficult time getting my son to brush his teeth.

水果冰淇淋 刷牙歌 MV – Fruity Pie Brushing Teeth Music Video

PTS (Public Television Service, Taiwan) states, “Fruity Pie deliberately avoids fairy tale language and mannerisms in favor of the most natural, familiar approaches to talk to children. Experts believe that the best way to communicate with children is to use simple, concise language. While producing warm, fun scripts, our fruit-loving editors constantly ask themselves whether their language meets these standards and whether the themes are accurately expressed, contents interesting, and dialog uncomplicated and easily understood. Many children grew up watching the program, which is jointly written by several hundred children’s education specialists and writers, and is designed to incorporate unique local Taiwanese values. This lively and fun program takes children to explore their environment, interpersonal relationships, health, and safety education.”

The blog post featured image is from the official Fruity Pie Facebook page.

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