Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters

Feed the Frog Game to learn Chinese Characters

It’s cold, rainy, and we are all recovering from the flu… still… since Thanksgiving day. Being stuck at home is making all of us stir crazy. One day there was a gnat trapped inside (like us!) and my son was chasing it around the apartment. That’s when I got the idea for the Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters.

My 3 year old daughter loves to read. She loves reading Sagebooks and even brings them to me for storytime. We would be much farther along with the set but I decided that we should keep learning together at my 5 year old son’s pace. He gets frustrated at how easily his little sister learns new characters and even voiced, “I try, I read this every day, but I just don’t know it.”

Multisensory Learning

I’ve read about multisensory learning being helpful for children. My kids are able learn and retain new characters each time they play the drumming game. This is much less painful than struggling to get an uninterested child to read Sagebooks. These activities work for us, especially for my son that isn’t receptive to traditional teaching techniques.

How to play the Feed the Frog Game

Hold up a flashcard for the children to see, then read the character. They have to swat the flies with the correct/matching character. Once they catch the flies they can feed the frog. That’s it! So simple but these are usually the best. My daughter likes this game so much she plays solo.


How to make the Feed the Frog activity

First, make the frog out of an old box. We used a shoe box for the frog’s body and some cardboard for the legs. You can make the however you want, with supplied you have available. Don’t overthink it!

For the flies you can download the free printable fly template. I cut out the flies, then used packing tape to laminate them to make them reusable. The blank space for the characters is a 2 inch square. You can print characters and stick to the fly or hand write it. Laminating them allows you to remove the characters and stick on different ones.

I’m pretty sure we all have a set of flashcards, or four… If not, just print some. There’s no printable for this because you select the characters you want your child to learn.

You can find a fly swatter at the dollar store but I thought it would be fun to make froggy hands. You will need Velcro dots on the fly swatter and the flies.

Feed the Frog Game flies and swatter

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy this feed the frog game to learn Chinese characters!


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