Drumming Activity

drumming activity

Our biggest learning hurdle is keeping my son engaged. He has a very short attention span which is totally normal for kids. This multisensory drumming activity really got the kids excited. They had big smiles the entire time and they effectively learned a character in less than one minute!

Last week my son came home and could barely wait to tell me about their guest teacher. They had a special drumming class and he absolutely loved it! His face was so animated describing all the fun he had that day. I decided to use his love of drumming to learn Chinese!

Supplies for the Activity

Use what you have at home! This is a no-stress activity. I stuck old chopsticks into wine corks and used a mixing bowl for a drum.

How to Play

There is one rule to the activity, the kids can only drum when they see the correct character. This learning technique works for us because it get the kids to focus and really think about the character. Their minds are engaged while they anticipate physical response upon seeing the correct character cue.


Multisensory Drumming Activity

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