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Free digital chinese books for kids

Looking for a digital library like Epic in Chinese or Raz Kids in Chinese? 兒童文化館 (Ér tóng wén huà guǎn) is an educational website for children that houses the digital books from Taiwan Public Library. All books are in Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin. This is a great FREE educational resource.

taiwan public library digital book reader for kids

The Taiwan Public Library’s digital library includes 270 animated digital books that can be filtered by category, theme, and reading level. There are many new titles and popular children’s picture books in Chinese. The quality is high and I did not experience any lags or issues with load time. Please note, the text does not highlight in sync with the audio.

There are few books in Chinese that feature protagonists of color. The digital library currently has two titles recommended by Social Justice Books, The Paper Boy, and Those Shoes.

The website also offers 190 educational decks for more reading practice. In addition to these resources, there are also 230 Children’s songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Hakka. The children’s songs feature real-time lyrics that highlight with the audio so your child can sing along for a k-tv experience!

Find more resources to learn Chinese, including games, worksheets, Mandarin shows for kids and adults, and books.

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