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What is Ciaohu

Ciaohu (巧虎) is an educational cartoon series and magazine subscription from Taiwan for children ages 1 through 8. The magazines are available in Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, and Simplified Chinese.

The cartoons are available to watch free on YouTube.

Magazine Subscription

There are 7 magazine levels based on age and development. If you order a level that is not suitable for your child you can switch at any time.

Ciaohu Grow (4-5 years old)

For my 3 and 6 year old I decided to try the Grow level for ages 4-5. My little one can grow into these and my son will find the content easier to digest at his Chinese reading level. Each month’s shipment includes a magazine, DVD, workbook, and activities.

Ciaohu Magazine

Ciaohu Workbooks

Each magazine comes with a workbook. The text is big and easy to read for young learners. Lessons include reading practice, math, counting, problem solving, etc.

Bonus Activity Set

The Ciaohu Grow level magazines come with a Zhuyin learning machine. New zhuyin activity cards will arrive each month.

Ciaohu Extras

To the children’s delight, the subscription came with many surprises. As a new subscriber we received a cotton towel, perfect for our summer pool time. We got to select a referral gift. Each box seems to come with a gift, hand sanitizer, bug spray, etc. The extra gifts are seasonal. The downside is they were all shipped separately, generating lots of waste.

Subscription Price

The subscription costs $345 USD for a 12 month subscription or $188 USD for 6 months.

My son found 2 discarded Ciaohu magazines at our local library. He has looked at them over and over in the past few months. I have been wanting to order these magazines for the longest time but was hung up on the price. Then schools closed and we needed more Chinese learning materials besides Sagebooks, something fun and educational. Like Sagebooks, there’s a high demand for preowned Ciaohu, a factor that helps me justify the cost.

How to Order

Ciaohu (巧虎) Traditional Chinese Magazines

The Ciaohu website is in Chinese only, but I was able to navigate the site using Google translate. First step is to go to the order form page and locate the correct form based on your location. Follow instructions on your form. A representative will contact you to confirm the order. She spoke Mandarin and English so communication was not a problem.

To save on packaging you can ask for your magazines to be shipped every 4 months instead of once a month.

Qiaohu (巧虎) Simplified Chinese Magazines

Qiaohu is the Simplified Chinese version. Please visit the Qiaohu website for more information regarding the products available in Simplified Chinese. The distributor cannot export the Simplified Chinese version. If you have friends or family in China you can request 4 months at a time to be delivered to their house and have them ship the package to you and pay the extra shipping.

If you are having any issues you can contact customer service through Facebook, call U.S. phone number 714-265-3630, or email to

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