Chinese Picture Books About Self-Love

Chinese children's books about self-love

Help your Chinese learner build self-confidence with this list of Chinese Picture Books About Self-Love. Most of the books feature human characters that children can relate to and see themselves in the lessons that the books are teaching.

Links to purchase are included, but almost all of these books were available at our library. If you are in the U.S., books can be ordered online and picked up at your local branch. The library is a wonderful way to expand your reading options and save money.

Chinese children's book 我喜歡我自己! Rock What Ya Got!


As the book’s character is being sketched, the illustrator attempts to make a change but is stopped by the protagonist. She likes herself just as she is and wants to teach your child to embrace who you are and love yourself!

  • English Title: Rock What Ya Got
  • Author: Samantha Berger
  • ISBN: 9789862488089
  • Language: Traditional Chinese

Available for purchase at:

Chinese children's book, 我是值得被愛的  I Am Worthy of Love


Whimsical drawings illustrate a beautiful message —I am loved, unique, and beautiful. My heart is precious. I am heard. The world is amazing. Life is a gift. A book to read over and over again!

  • English Title: I Am Worthy of Love
  • Author: 陳志耀 (Zhiyao Chen)
  • ISBN: 9789887765004
  • Language: Traditional Chinese, English

Available for purchase at:


A child asks, “what Can I be when I grow up?” A pumpkin grower, dog cuddler, bubble blower, present opener? There are so many jobs to choose from but you can be anything that you want to be!

  • English Title: I Can Be Anything
  • Author: Jerry Spinelli
  • ISBN: 9789862132494
  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Available for purchase at:,,

其實你很聰明, 別小看自己了

Everyone is smart in their own way. Being smart is not just about academic performance. People are different and everyone has their unique talents.

  • English Title: Smarts! Everybody’s Got Them
  • Author: Thomas Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9789579125925
  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Available for purchase at:,


This book illustrates all the simple reasons a child can love themselves and be happy. Finishing all their food to putting on pants all on their own are big accomplishments for our little ones. Take a peek inside the book!

  • Author: Yinru Lin
  • ISBN: 9789862121986
  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Available for purchase at:,


Although the main characters are animals, this book is too adorable not to share. It’s available as part of a set and comes with CDs with full audio in Mandarin and English. A young guinea pig teaches children to feel good about themselves just the way they are.

  • Author: Cornelia Spelman
  • ISBN: 9867158024
  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin and English

Available for purchase at:,,,,

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