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Shop small and support these mommy owned businesses when buying gifts for Chinese learners. Here are some of my picks for books and products to help children learn Chinese. How creative and inspiring are these fellow moms? 大家加油!

Products Created By Moms

A Little Chinese bilingual posters

A Little Chinese

Create a print-rich learning environment for your child with these posters. Choose from cute illustrations or real images of objects with text in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English. Traditional Chinese posters coming soon!

Big Cities Little Foodies

Tastes of Lunar New Year’s pages are filled with colorfully illustrated characters celebrating with traditional foods of different countries. This bilingual book is available In Traditional Chinese and English.

Bitty Bao

Bitty Bao’s mouth-watering bilingual books are written in Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, Pinyin, and English.

Calisota Designs Co

Get this personalized name tracing board so your little one will always remember how to write their name in Chinese. Each board is custom made with the stroke order for each character.

Habbi Habbi Reading Wand - Starter Set

Habbi Habbi

Habbi Habbi books cover a range of topics that teach kindness, empowerment, diversity, and life skills. The wand reads in Chinese and English. These bilingual children’s books are written in Simplified Chinese with Pinyin, and English.

Little Sen’s Chinese Holidays

Learn about six major Chinese holidays through this delightful book filled with whimsical illustrations. This bilingual children’s book is written in Simplified Chinese and English.

Mandarin Prodigies

This set of High quality flashcards with matching label cards. will teach your child the Chinese characters for 30 different animals. Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

Maomi books

Maomi Stars

Maomi Stars colorful kitties teach Chinese through books and mobile app (beta). Maomi stories are written in Traditional Chinese and Pinyin. The app is available in Traditional and Simplified.

Mina Learns Chinese

Follow along on Mina’s adventures in these Bilingual stories. These books are written in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Pinyin, and English

Shih-Ting Huang Flashcards

Shih-Ting Huang’s Flashcards

These are high quality flashcards to teach Traditional Chinese characters. The reverse size has a Chinese phrase to support the character on the front. (No Zhuyin)

The Bund Books

The Bund’s debut book is 小番茄, about a young tomato that’s desperate to turn red. This cute rhyming story teaches self-love. The book is written in Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

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