APPS and Websites to Watch Mandarin Chinese Shows

APPS and Websites to Watch Mandarin Chinese Shows

Dramafever has shut down forever. I had a great run using this streaming app to watch Mandarin Chinese shows. We shared so many 吳慷仁 marathons. Then one day when we were almost done with Substitute Princess and it was kaput. But why??? Who does the Substitute princess choose in the end, 吳慷仁 or that other guy? I had to find out.

The good news is that I have an ipad and don’t worry too much about getting a virus streaming free shows. Does that still happen? Anyway, there are now many websites that offer Mandarin Chinese shows and movies. The shows are free to watch if you don’t mind the endless ads. For a fee you can watch ad free. I have not tried any of the paid services yet because free is just fine for me. Plus, if the commercials are in Mandarin it counts as part of my Chinese education, right? Youku does have an ipad app but only in Chinese, as far as I know. I’m still testing it out but it’s not as easy to navigate as Dramafever’s English user interface. Netflix also offers Mandarin language content, though quite limited.

I’ve made a list of the websites I found on my search. Some also have a great selection of kid friendly Mandarin content. While a few of these they have mobile APPs, I prefer my 吳慷仁 on a larger screen. Hope this list is useful. And please share if you know of a great site or APP to stream Mandarin shows and dramas!

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