Learn Chinese with Action Cubes

action cubes to learn chinese characters

Learn Chinese with action cubes and get your little one’s body moving and laughing while learning. I created this game for my kids to learn Chinese characters for 12 common verbs. This is a fun indoor activity to get those jiggles and giggles out!

This game requires the player to see, hear, and act out the words. Multisensory learning techniques work well for my son who resists traditional teaching methods like writing practice and flash cards. I think he learns much quicker through play based activities than reading and writing combined. Bonus for me is that we are not struggling through the lesson. There’s lots of laughter and no whining!

The action cubes take about 5 minutes to print, cut, and glue together. It’s easiest to print on card stock. As an alternative you can print on standard paper and glue to a cube made of cardboard. A cheat sheet is included for those, like me, that can’t read all the characters. The printables are available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Learn Chinese with action cubes and have a blast burning off some energy while stuck indoors.

making action cubes to learn chinese characters
action cubes printables to learn chinese

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