Halloween Mandarin Learning Activity

Halloween banner, worksheet, and flashcards

Ok, here goes my first ever post! I found this banner kit at Micheal’s (for 50% off!) and created a worksheet and flashcards to turn our DIY session into a Halloween Mandarin Learning activity. I’m SLOWLY working with my 4 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter to learn Traditional Chinese characters. The graphics are not scary and I chose to use common phrases like “pumpkin” and “monster” instead of “Jack-o-Lantern” and “Frankenstein”. I prefer they sleep in their own beds so teaching my kids about Frankenstein is not on my to-do list.

You can download the Cat Worksheet, Halloween Flashcards, Cat Worksheet Simplified, and Halloween Flashcards Simplified, for ZERO DOLLARS. The files are intentionally designed in black only to save ink and can be used as coloring pages. This activity costs less than $3!

It has not been easy. My son has so much energy that he can’t even sit still for a meal. Seriously, I don’t think he knows which side of the chair his butt is supposed to go on. I designed the worksheet knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get my son to write the characters and my daughter is not developmentally ready for writing. A search and find worksheet requires the child to study and try to remember the character. Along with the activities, we are also reading a Chinese Children’s book, Naughty Cat, to help reinforce their learning of this character for cat. My daughter kept saying 貓! 貓! Sometimes I think she’s going to be reading before her brother.

I would love your suggestions and feedback, especially if you catch any errors since I am learning to read Chinese.

cat worksheet activityhalloween flashcards

cat worksheet search and find

Children's Book in Chinese - Naughty Cat

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Mandarin Learning Activity

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Jeanne! I just want to say that your work is so amazing and inspiring! I have a 22m old daughter who doesn’t say a word of Mandarin. I’m a little frustrated now because I speak Madnarin to her exclusively and I’m a stay-at-home-mom. I’m also the sole Mandarin speaker in the household and I was born and raised in Taiwan! I love how all your work sheets are in traditional characters!

    • Jeanne Chang says:

      Don’t give up! The more you speak to her in Mandarin the easier it gets. It’s almost second nature for me now, unless they are in trouble because the scolding are in English. 😛

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