Free Chinese Fonts with Pinyin and Zhuyin

Free Chinese Fonts with Pinyin and Zhuyin

Looking for free Chinese fonts with Pinyin and Zhuyin? Here is a collection of fonts that are free for personal and commercial use. In many of our children’s books, the text is printed too small or the publisher has chosen a font that is very hard to read, especially if you are learning Chinese. I have selected these fonts because they are easy to read and phonetic characters (the Pinyin and Zhuyin) are not too big compared to the Chinese characters. With these fonts, you can create your own worksheets, flashcards, and other learning materials.

*Download from the original sites at your own discretion using the external links below. Once the external link opens, translate the page to find the download button. If your web browser allows, right-click on your mouse and select “translate to English”.

Fonts with Zhuyin

Zhuyin (注音) is a set of phonetic symbols most commonly used alongside Traditional Chinese characters. Zhuyin is also known as Bopomofo (ㄅㄆㄇㄈ) and originated in Taiwan as a transliteration system to teach Taiwanese Mandarin, known as Guóyǔ (國語) and Taiwanese Hokkien, Tái yǔ (台語).

Fonts with Pinyin

Pinyin (拼音) is a romanization system for the pronunciation of Mandarin. Pinyin uses letters from the English alphabet to sound out the Chinese characters and aid in learning Chinese.

Hanzi Pinyin Font

Hanzi Pinyin Font

chinese fonts with pinyin and zhuyin - hanzi pinyin font


Fāngzhèng kǎitǐ Pinyin Font

chinese fonts with pinyin and zhuyin - angzhen kaiti pinyin font


Huá kāngbiāokǎi W5 Pinyin Font


Zìtǐ shìjiè fǎ gùn tǐ Pinyin Font

chinese fonts with pinyin and zhuyin - fa gun ti pinyin font

More Chinese Fonts

For standard fonts without Pinyin and Zhuyin, I highly recommend using Google Fonts. They are 100% free for personal use and commercial use. Google fonts can be used in your print documents, digital designs, website, and more.  Google fonts offer Simplified Chinese characters and Traditional Chinese Characters for both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

See my tutorial on how to search for Chinese fonts on Google Fonts.

Google fonts screenshot
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