Tidepool Scavenger Hunt

tidepool scavenger hunt worksheet

In our part of the world, we are experiencing king tides which results in very low water levels making it the best time to explore the nearby tidepools. To prepare for the day, I created a tidepool scavenger hunt worksheet to help us learn the names of the creatures that live in this intertidal habitat. The worksheet is available in English, Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin, Traditional Chinese with Pinyin, and Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Sadly our tidepool excursion was cut short by today’s tsunami (tidal wave) caused by the volcano eruption in Tonga. The park rangers chased us off the beach! I have never seen the tide so low before. Although the tsunami had already reached land earlier in the day, the beaches were still closed as a precaution. We were still able to find limpets, rock crabs, mussels, and even a giant pacific chiton carcass the size of my daughter’s foot!

Tips for a Fun Day at the Tidepools

The best time to arrive is a little before the tide is at its lowest that day. To check the tides in the U.S. you can go to NOAA.gov.

Wear non-slip shoes but watch where you step as there are many living creatures under your feet. The tidepools are a home for some very small sea life.

Some things are ok to touch but it’s best to look and observe. Do not feed any sea life and do not take anything from the tidepools.

Tidepool Vocabulary in English and Chinese


Chinese: 潮潭
Pinyin: Cháo tán


Chinese: 海膽 / 海胆
Pinyin: Hǎi dǎn


Chinese: 帽貝 / 帽贝 or 海帽
Pinyin: Mào bèi or Hǎi mào


Chinese: 石鱉 / 石鳖
Pinyin: Shí biē


Chinese: 海藻 
Pinyin: Hǎizǎo


Chinese: 海葵 
Pinyin: Hǎi kuí


Chinese: 貽貝 / 贻贝
Pinyin: Yíbèi

Starfish or Sea Star

Chinese: 海星 
Pinyin: Hǎixīng


Chinese: 螃蟹
Pinyin: Pángxiè


Chinese: 九孔 or 鮑魚/鲍鱼
Pinyin: Jiǔ kǒng or Bàoyú

Sea Slug

Chinese: 海蛞蝓
Pinyin: Hǎi kuòyú

Hermit Crab

Chinese: 寄居蟹 
Pinyin: Jìjū xiè

Sea Snails

Chinese: 海螺 
Pinyin: Hǎiluó

Tidepool Scavenger Hunt Printables

Click on the images below to download the tidepool scavenger hunt printable in the language of your choice.

You may also be interested in this Youtube playlist of sea life in Kenting, Taiwan. Enjoy!

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