Learn How to Make Tofu in Historic Sanxia

DIY tofu making experience in historic Sanxia Ditrict - Best Taipei Day Trips

There’s something special about learning to make traditional foods with my kids. It helps us appreciate the hard work that goes into every meal, and there’s nothing quite like the pride we feel when we cook our own food. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to bond and learn together without any pressure. I highly recommend the tofu-making class at Hidekawa in historic Sanxia.

Things To Do in Sanxia

Sanxia, or 三峽 in Chinese, translates to “three gorges”. It’s famous for its historic old street, where you can stroll among shops selling handicrafts or try mouthwatering traditional treats sold our of carts in front of Zushi Temple 三峽祖師廟. Exploring Sanxia feels like stepping back in time with its ancient buildings and vibrant local culture.

徐媽媽 Traditional preserved vegetables nad tea shop

Sanxia Old Street is small but worth a stroll if you are here for Hidekawa’s tofu-making class or one of Saxia’s many DIY experiences such as indigo dying, tea making, soap making, metalworking, leather crafts, wood carving, and more! You can easily combine a visit to Sanxia with a day trip to Yingge’s famous pottery street. My son absolutely loved learning how to shape clay on the pottery wheel.

Sanxia Old Street. Ring toss games

You will also find traditional games for kids like ring toss and pachinko. At the nearby Sanxia Zhongshan Park, we also discovered the longest slide I have ever seen! The kids got to burn off a lot of energy running up the hill over and over again! There are many moquitos though, remember to pack the bug repellant. Indeed, I was eaten alive even while moving.

Longest slide I’ve ever seen. Sanxia Zhongshan Park 三峽中山公園

How to get to Sanxia from Taipei

Taxi or Uber
A taxi ride from downtown Taipei takes about 40 minutes. The fare ranges from NT$800 to NT$1200 ($24 to $37 USD).

Public Transportation
Since I already paid for a monthly MRT pass, we took the MRT Bannan blue line to Dingpu, the last stop. Then a 15-minute taxi ride to Sanxia. Cost less than NT 200 ($6 USD). The commute was not much longer than taking a taxi from Taipei and the kids didn’t get carsick.

Google Maps will likely suggest taking the local train from Taipei Main Station. But I think taking the MRT is much easier than figuring out how to book local train tickets. I avoid the chaos of Taipei Main Station whenever possible!

Hidekawa Tofu-making Experience

Every year, I try to make our trips to Taiwan as fun and educational as possible so the kids can build a positive connection to our heritage. We spend time with family, practice Mandarin, and dive into Taiwanese traditions through delicious food and exciting exploration. Whether we’re learning to cook traditional dishes or discovering the island’s beautiful landscapes and cultural sites, every moment is a chance to create lasting memories and deepen our appreciation for our roots.

Hidekawa dining and event space. Photo credit: Hidekawa

This class was extra special because I finally met Hanna Chou in person. She is the creator of Habbi Habbi, interactive bilingual books and reading wand. Their books help children learn Chinese through stories designed to teach emotional intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, positivity and more! Read my review.

My kids and with Hanna Chou of Habbi Habbi.

The tofu-making class starts with an introduction to Taiwan’s soybean farming history and Hidekawa’s dedication to creating sustainable practices. They only use non-GMO soybeans grown by small farms in Taiwan. No additives are used in their products. Do you know why you can’t make tofu from soy milk purchased at an American grocery store? Added defoamers or thickeners prevent the tofu from coagulating and setting. Hidekawa produces the best quality Taiwanese soy milk made from fresh beans.

Cooking the soy milk to make tofu

The instructor guides us through the tofu-making process, teaching us the secret to their delicious tofu. We learned every detail, from perfecting temperatures to mastering techniques that are surprisingly simple to recreate at home.

Preparing the tofu press
Using a wooden tofu press during the tofu making class at Hidekawa - Best Taipei Day Trips
Using a wooden tofu press during the tofu-making class at Hidekawa

Sampling Freshly Made Tofu

At the end of the class, we finally got to taste our freshly made tofu, perfectly paired with a bowl of hot Hidekawa miso soup. Leftover tofu can be packed for you to take home. Make it a meal by ordering Taiwanese-style tofu pudding (豆花) or yogurt. Hidekawa blends old-time traditional techniques with modern flavors into their products. Discover the finest miso or taste their intriguing mango wine.

Hidekawa miso soup with freshly made tofu

How to Book a Class at 禾乃川國產豆製所 (Hidekawa)

Cost: NT$ 800 ($24 USD) for a table (max 4 people)
Duration: 2 hours
Booking: The event schedule and tickets are available online. Advanced booking is required.
Contact: For more information, please Hidekawa on LINE or Facebook.

地址: 237台灣新北市民權街84巷12-1號
Address: 237, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Lane 84, Minquan St, #12-1

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