Xiamen High School Choir

Xiamen High School Choir

Since Mother’s Day, my daughter has been singing and listening to 我的好媽媽. I even hear her singing it from her bed at night. In the car we listen to the same 儿歌 CD on repeat. Repeat. Repeat… I needed to find some new tunes, and quickly before lose my mind. I spent half the day yesterday searching for Chinese music for kids that we can really enjoy to as a family. I was deep in my Spotify and YouTube obsessive spiral when I discovered the Xiamen High School Choir.

These students create hypnotic melodies without any musical instruments! I was on the verge of a panic attack thinking about all the time I was spending on YouTube. Their voices instantly put me at ease. I knew I had to share this YouTube playlist of my favorites. Let me know what you think!


They even sing in Hokkien!

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