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While I was in Taiwan this spring, I purchased a Chinese stroke order exercise book. We probably won’t use it for a couple years but it reminded me of the wood tracing boards that are so popular right now. When we returned home to California, I put the book in a box with some other items to be organized, then completely forgot about it.

This morning I got to sleep in until 8:30. Woohoo! My kids spent the time coloring quietly by themselves. Can you believe it? I can’t! Who are you people and what have you done with my real children that normally wake me up at 6:30?! I noticed my son had discovered the Chinese stroke order exercise book. He was really interested in it and asked for a pencil. I found him a tablet stylus instead so that we can reuse the book. For a kid that hates writing he seemed to enjoy the workbook. He said it was fun!

Children encounter many difficulties learning Chinese. To learn thousands of characters, students practice writing each character over and over until it becomes automatic, which could injure their hands. This workbook was created by a Antonia Wang, based on the her years of experience and feedback from many parents. The recessed strokes guide the pencil tip so that children can learn the strokes while writing a relaxed hand to prevent injury. The characters selected for are based on the curriculum of the Taiwanese school system.

Antonia Workbook Cover
Antonia Workbook Back
Antonia Workbook inside
Antonia Workbook page
Antonia Workbook grooves
Antonia Workbook page back

The Chinese stroke order exercise books are available for sale. You can place your order through her Facebook page. Below is the marketing video for this workbook.

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