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Learn Chinese Post Image Reasons to Learn Chinese Infographic- Why I Stopped Learning Chinese There are so many reasons to learn Chinese but let’s start with why I STOPPED learning Chinese when I was a kid. I didn’t have a supportive learning environment. Chinese class was uncool. I was scared of the bullies that made fun of the “FOB” kids. There was a girl, Shelby, who seemed to always be waiting for me at recess. One day she had me in a headlock and I struggled to break free.… Continue Reading
pancakes - fire 30 in 30: First Chinese Characters- This past month has been especially busy. With Halloween festivities and end of the year work projects, I’ve had little time to focus on teaching Chinese. Then tonight while tidying up after dinner I noticed my messy pile of learning materials. Feeling disappointed in myself for not having time for my own Mandarin learning, I picked up a stack of flashcards and started reviewing them. I was sitting on the floor behind my son’s play tent, trying to get a… Continue Reading