Night Market Game with Chinese Flash Cards

knock em down game made with a cardboard box and chinese flash cards

This is the first spring in many years that we can’t go back to Taiwan. My FB feed is flooded with memories from previous trips. We’ve had lot of fun times playing games at the night market. Since we can’t make it there I decided to bring the games here by making this night market game with Chinese flash cards.

It was easy to make with an old cardboard box. I didn’t even use tape or glue. Just cut the 3 sides of each shelf, score the bottom piece and fold into the box. Paint optional.

My son learned 16 characters in one afternoon playing this game. The flashcards are by C-pen and he can use the pen to learn the characters without me. Link to the pen and flashcards purchased online from Gloria’s Bookstore.

Hope you enjoy this one!

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