Rat Mouse Decoration and Photo Prop

rat mouse decorations or photo props

Have fun with this Rat Mouse Decoration tutorial for your Chinese New Year event. They are fun to create and make cute photo props for your Year of the Rat celebration.


CNY mouse craft supplies

  • grey paper, thinner paper is easier to fold (I used 10 inch square origami paper)
  • red construction paper
  • disposable chopstick, Popsicle stick, or craft stick
  • glue
  • scissors
  • googly eyes (optional)



  1. Cut your grey paper into 4 equal size strips. Accordion fold each strip. (The larger piece in the photo below still needs to be cut in half)

CNY mouse craft step 2


2) Glue the folded strips together to form 1 long strip.

CNY mouse craft step 3


3) Glue the ends together to form a donut shape.

CNY mouse craft step 4


4) Using some scraps of red paper, cut out a small square and a heart. The heart will the the rat’s nose. The square will reinforce the back of the face and give the stick something to glue on to.

CNY mouse craft step 5


5) Push in the edges of the donut until the hole in the center closes. Glue the heart over the center. Let dry a bit so the glue holds, then turn it over and glue the square piece over the hole in the back.

CNY mouse craft step 7 CNY mouse craft step 6


6) While that dries, cut out the rat’s ears. I used a glass to draw circles on the red construction paper then cut them out for the ears. Make your ears bigger or smaller based on what you like best.

CNY mouse craft step 8


7) Glue the ears under the rat’s head and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.

CNY mouse craft step 9


8) Turn the head over and glue your stick to the back.

CNY mouse craft last step

Craft activities like this one are great for little hands to strengthen their hands and sharpen fine motor skills. Their creations don’t need to be perfect. It’s more about the time spent together.

making CNY mouse decorations

making CNY mouse decorations

My son showing off his rat mouse decoration. He insisted that rats have smaller ears, triangle eyes, and little feet!

making CNY mouse decorations

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