Mollie Used Books

Mollie Used Bookstore

Mollie Used Books NTU store has the largest selection of used books for children. The staff can check their inventory for any books and are very helpful. Keep in mind the books are pre-owned, so what they carry is based on what people have sold to them. I bought several books for 40 NT ($1.27 USD)! You really have to search for the deals though so allow yourself at least an hour to peruse. Photo below of the children’s section inside Mollie’s.

Mollie’s is located right outside of Gonguan MRT exit 4, down an alley between a lingerie shop and The Face Shop. Google maps kept rerouting me so I walked a huge circle in the neighborhood before realizing I missed the alley because vendors selling clothes are blocking the entrance! They have a faded sign that you cannot see unless you are walking across the street.

Mollie Used Books directions
Mollie Used Books kids area

Mollie Used books NTU store
No. 2, Lane 40, Section 4, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Whose Books

Just around the corner is Whose Books. The shop is equally easy to miss, located up a flight of stairs with little signage. They have a big selection of used books and also offer 40 NT deals. I find that Mollie’s is more of a bargain and better organized. However, Whose is so close that it’s still worth checking out. You never know what you’ll find! That’s part of the adventure with shopping at used bookstores.

Whose Books hours
Whose Books inside
Whose Books postcards

Lan Jia Guabao

This neighborhood is very lively when the Gongguan Night Market opens. Book buying made us hungry. One of our stops was Lan Jia, famous for their guabao. The line was very long, about 20 people waiting and even a woman that brought her cat to dine! Although I love all kinds of steamed buns, their meat filling was seasoned with a spice that I didn’t agree with. Maybe too much anise, but hard to say. Their soups were delicious, especially the corn and pork rib soup. The broth was very flavorful.

Lan Jia Guabao
Lan Jia Guabao
Lan Jia soups and zhongzi

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