Learn Chinese Watercolors

Watercolor Appearing Art

Here’s a fun and easy Learn Chinese Watercolors art activity. Watercolor painting is fun for kids and adults. Many people find painting relaxing. Plus you can finally make use of that white crayon! Set up for this activity is quick. Using the white crayon, write a Chinese Character on the paper. Start painting and the Chinese character magically appears.

My 2 and 4 year old really enjoy painting. It’s one of the only activities that my son will sit still for and he becomes very focused. For the younger children there’s no need to invest in expensive paints. You can find sets for $1, but I’d splurge for the $4 set because the colors are usually more vibrant. If you are near an art supply store like Michael’s, they usually have a 40% off coupon.

Learn Chinese Watercolors White Crayon
Learn Chinese Watercolors Painting

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