How to transfer files to C-pen

transfer files to C-Pen

Ok, so ya finally splurged and bought the darn thing. Now how the heck do you use it??? The C-Pen English user guide is missing half of the instructions so I had a hard time figuring out how to transfer files to C-pen. Luckily I got some help from another C-pen user so I am going to share the instructions on how to transfer audio files to your C-pen. Before we begin, C-pen is compatible with .wav or .mp3 audio files.


  1. Sticker Number: Take note of sticker number you would like to work with your file. I will use sticker number 0001 as an example.
  2. Properly name your file: Change your file name to the sticker number but add an extra zero to the front. For example, 00001.mp3.
  3. Locate the folder number: Here’s where you’ll need your C-pen user manual. Turn to page 17 to view the chart (or see image below). The left side of each column is the folder number. The right side shows the stickers that go into the indicated folder. In this example our sticker is number 00001, which will be saved into folder A001.C-Pen Chart
  4. Connect C-pen to your computer: While the C-Pen is turned off, connect the device to our computer using the provided USB cable. Open the C-pen memory card folder if it has not automatically opened.
  5. Transfer files to C-Pen: Open the folder location identified in step 3. For this example it is folder A001. Move your audio file into this folder.
  6. Done! Disconnect and test your sticker. It should work now!

Tip: Although each sticker can be use for 4 different audio files, I find it easier to use just one for now and save all the files under the A folder section. My children are younger and this method doesn’t require the use of the child function card.

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