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homeschool space

Okay, so not free, but practically free. I was able to create a homeschool space for the kids that we love for only $200. It would have been much less but I splurged on a set of stools I really wanted.

At age six my son has already lived in five different apartments. What I hate the most about moving is the money wasted to decorate each new rental. Since our goal was to buy a forever home this year I held off on buying new stuff. I also ended up with a room full of decor and furniture that didn’t fit in this apartment, and of course a ton of clothes and toys the kids have outgrown. I posted a couple items for free on Facebook marketplace. The person that came to pick up introduced me to The Buy Nothing Facebook group for our neighborhood. I was able to gift all the items we no longer need to people that want them. It felt good!

The Buy Nothing Project

Now, due to the pandemic, our plans of buying a house will have to wait and I decided to spruce up the kids’ play area and turn it into a homeschool space. I gifted their playhouse and kitchen to make room for a bookcase and shelves I found on Facebook Marketplace for $20. The wood art easel, drawers for art supplies, magnetic board, magazine holders, art, a succulent, clipboards, binder, crayons, and even coloring books, all gifted from neighbors on the Buy Nothing Facebook group. The only furniture I purchased new is the set of stools. How great is that?!

homeschool space

In the process I made a few friends, saved a bunch of cash and a few things from going to the landfill. My kids have learned to set aside toys they no longer play with to gift to other neighborhood children. They have received hand-me-downs from neighbors and learn we don’t have to buy everything new. I see the same items re-gifted and it makes me happy to think how much stuff we are saving from the trash bin.

Clear out the clutter that no longer “sparks joy”, or see what cool stuff your neighbors are giving away. Find your local Buy Nothing Facebook group.

A Fun Place to Learn

origami wall art
origami wall art

Schools have been closed for over three months now. The kids definitely need a space, not only for learning, but a space for independent creativity and play. The dining table isn’t cutting it anymore, especially since it also doubles as my work desk. Now we have an organized area for all their learning materials and craft supplies. My 3 year old enjoys emptying out all the art supplies from the drawers.

My six year old is learning to tell time. We have family in 3 different U.S. states and Taiwan. I set up these clocks so he can see what time it is in each zone. The clocks are $3.99 from target. The clipboards create a display area that is easy to update. My loves to show off our new work. This week’s theme is origami!

We will be spending a lot of time here playing, creating, building, learning, laughing, and making happy memories.

homeschool space

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