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Online Chinese classes - Science Magic

Magic+ specializes in making science fun for kids by teaching science concepts through magic. They offer online magic classes in Chinese and host in-person camps in Taipei during school holidays. Follow Magic+ on Facebook for camp updates.

I discovered Magic+ at an education fair held at the Taipei Children’s Science Museum and received a free magic lesson to try at home. Witnessing my son’s instant fascination, I contacted them to arrange the shipment of their kits to the US. However, for overseas shipping, they only offer their 6-month subscription package containing everything your child needs to complete 24 science magic lessons. Each bite-sized lesson can be completed in about 20 minutes, making them ideal for children’s attention spans. Additionally, what I appreciate about pre-recorded lessons is the option to pause and replay as needed so that children can go at their own pace.

Last year, we incorporated these kits into our home summer camp curriculum, and we’re excited to do it again this summer!

Magic+ Class Requirements

Your purchase includes all the supplies needed for the online magic classes in Chinese. Furthermore, many materials are reusable, adding to the value. The instructional videos do not expire. Since the lessons are pre-recorded, you have the flexibility to watch them on your own time and as many times as you’d like.

providing ongoing learning opportunities. With lessons pre-recorded, you have the flexibility to watch them at your convenience, allowing for personalized learning experiences tailored to your schedule.

Age Range

These classes are suitable for children ages 7-12 and are completely taught in Mandarin.

Equipment Needed

To participate, children will require a device with YouTube access. While a standard iPad works fine, opting for a larger screen may make it easier to follow along. Notably, the videos feature Taiwanese Mandarin with Traditional Chinese subtitles. You can preview their lessons on the Magic+ YouTube channel.

What Comes in the Magic+ Kits

We ordered the 6-month supply with 24 science magic kits. Magic+ sells these as a 6-month subscription, but you can go at your own pace. Here’s what our order looked like out of the box. The supplies for each kit are individually packaged in a clear resealable bag.

Each kit includes:

  • Full-color instruction book in Traditional Chinese (no Zhuyin)
  • QR code to open the YouTube video
  • Supplies for the magic trick

The Magic+ kits seem a little pricey but each kit costs less than $8 USD. Although the lessons are simple and you could source the supplies or even DIY, some items are not easy to find or expensive to purchase in small quantities.


The Magic+ 24-lesson package can be shipped overseas. It’s priced at NT$4,200 ($130), with an additional NT$1,700 ($52.75) for shipping to California. Costs may differ based on your specific location.

Each lesson costs less than $8 USD!

How To Order Magic+ Kits

Magic+ is registered as 菁英魔法教育股份有限公司 Elite Magic Academy Co. Ltd.

Their Taiwan business licence number is 52611636

To purchase their science kits, content them through Facebook or Email. Once your order is confirmed and ready for shipment, they will provide you with an link for credit card payment. Our package arrived in about one week.

Alternatively, if your relatives or friends in Taiwan can help you purchase the kits, they can order directly from their online shop for pickup from their office or 7-11. However, shipping overseas will still need to be arranged.

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