Fun Activities to Learn Chinese

Yoga Infographic - In celebration of international yoga day I created this yoga infographic of basic poses with the translations in Chinese. These poses are easy enough for toddlers too! Yoga benefits your mind and body. It’s a great way to unwind and relax. It is even suggested as an activity for children with sensory processing disorders because it helps them be more aware of their own body. For further reading I found this article interesting. Yoga Infographic in Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin… Continue Reading
Flashcard Game Flashcard Game - My kids are loving this flashcard game! They didn’t even know I was tricking them into learning Chinese characters. They were just excited that I asked them to run indoors! Last week, Betty from Chalk Academy posted a photo of a game her 5 year old daughter made up. All you need to do is create a circle with flashcards. One player sits in the middle, another runs around the circle until the seated player says, “stop!” It’s similar to… Continue Reading
Dragon Activity Chinese New Year Dragon Activity - Another rainy day here so we are spending the morning on this Chinese New Year dragon activity inspired by an image from It’s always Autumn. It’s likely you’ll already have all the supplies needed for this activity. I used some empty cracker/biscuit boxes. Autumn uses cereal boxes so I adjusted the size accordingly. We are making our dragons red for Chinese New Year. My 4 year old his using red paint, while my 2 year old is tearing pieces of… Continue Reading
Chinese Food Cart Peddlers Chinese Food Cart - Seems like social media is all abuzz about Chinese New Year and the excitement is contagious. This year, I’m giddy to say we will be in Taiwan for the holiday festivities. While everyone is preparing with decorations and cooking, I am teaching my kids the characters for our favorite foods by creating a Chinese food cart. We are a family that LOVES to eat! My 4 year old dreams of owning a food truck, though the Chinese mom in me… Continue Reading
Watercolor Appearing Art Learn Chinese Watercolors - Here’s a fun and easy Learn Chinese Watercolors art activity. Watercolor painting is fun for kids and adults. Many people find painting relaxing. Plus you can finally make use of that white crayon! Set up for this activity is quick. Using the white crayon, write a Chinese Character on the paper. Start painting and the Chinese character magically appears. My 2 and 4 year old really enjoy painting. It’s one of the only activities that my son will sit still… Continue Reading
UV Pens gif thumbnail Chinese Character Fun with UV Pens - We are traveling and my plan to bring the C-Pen didn’t work out since the shipment was delayed. I had to scramble for ideas on how to keep my kids entertained on our long cross-country flight. While brainstorming I remembered a bath activity my son loved that used a black light and glow paint. So I thought surely there’s something similar that’s travel friendly. It didn’t take long for me to find black light pens online. These are perfect for Chinese Character… Continue Reading
Chinese Character Shirts Chinese Character Shirts - Ok, so I’m only planning to wear these Chinese character shirts as pajamas but they have already proven to be effective. These shirts arrived a week ago. My two littles were very curious so  we went over the characters on each shirt before I threw them into the laundry hamper. Yesterday I pulled them out of the dryer and my 2 year old points at her shirt and says, “妹妹抱抱”. Win! The shirts are a custom order from Vista Print… Continue Reading
Turkey Coloring Page Turkey Coloring Page - Can you believe I almost forgot about Thanksgiving? Sure we’ve talked about what we are going to eat, but then all of a sudden it’s Tuesday and I’ve prepared nothing but this turkey coloring page! Seems like everyone else has too since the Christmas banners are already up in our town. Oh well, we decided to have crab and lobster this year and forgo the turkey altogether. Who actually likes turkey anyway! Fun facts We all know turkeys go, “gobble… Continue Reading
Memory Game DIY Inserts Memory Game Template - I’m in the process of converting a few toys into Chinese learning tools. My sister found this Melissa & Doug matching game at the dollar store, probably due to the typo on one of the inserts. I’m sharing the memory game template in an editable Microsoft Word format and a free printable PDF file of the inserts shown here. Since Melissa & Doug is a popular brand I’m hoping other parents will find the Chinese inserts useful.  Both kids sure love… Continue Reading
fizzy art activity Magic Fizzy Chinese - Making magic fizzy Chinese characters was a blast for both kids. They love messy hands on art and science activities and I was able to combine both into this activity. This is similar to salt painting but less wasteful in my opinion because we can use the old baking soda that’s probably been sitting in the back the fridge since we moved in. The rest of the materials you’ll likely have at home already. I try to re-purpose anything that… Continue Reading

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