Fun Activities to Learn Chinese

Egg carton art activity to learn Chinese characters Egg Carton Art Activity Pages - Learn Chinese with these activity pages and include your child's egg carton art. It's a great way to spend time together creating art and saving some egg cartons from the trash. You can download the free printables in Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Continue Reading
Year of the Rat Chinese New Year Banner Year of the Rat Banner - This morning I awoke to my son asking, “Mommy, can we make something today?” We haven’t been doing as many crafts at home since school started. They bring home tons of artwork each week so on the weekend I try to get them outside instead. This past week we have been making Chinese New Year decorations and the kids are having a lot of fun being creative. So while my husband took the kids to the park, I designed a… Continue Reading
Feed the Frog Game to learn Chinese Characters Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters - It’s cold, rainy, and we are all recovering from the flu… still… since Thanksgiving day. Being stuck at home is making all of us stir crazy. One day there was a gnat trapped inside (like us!) and my son was chasing it around the apartment. That’s when I got the idea for the Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters. My 3 year old daughter loves to read. She loves reading Sagebooks and even brings them to me for… Continue Reading
Dear Dinosaur Book Book That Inspired My Son To Write - My son still remembers the Museum of Natural History in New York City, even though it’s been two years since our last visit. Perhaps that is why he enjoyed the book Dear Dinosaur so much. This is the book that inspired my son to write on his own! Really not a big deal, but kind of a big deal fro a kid that doesn’t like writing! The book is interactive with cards and letters that you have to open to… Continue Reading
halloween decorations bats Halloween Decorations Bat Pennant Banner - Halloween season has arrived! I’m kicking off my favorite holiday with these quick and easy DIY bat Halloween decorations. All you need is black construction paper and some glue. Googly eyes are optional but always enjoyed! Bat Pennant Banner Instructions Start with a standard size sheet of construction paper and cut in half. Accordion fold as shown below. Open up the accordion and fold side to side. Cut the wings at a tapered angle to create the shape of the… Continue Reading
drumming activity Drumming Activity - Our biggest learning hurdle is keeping my son engaged. He has a very short attention span which is totally normal for kids. This multisensory drumming activity really got the kids excited. They had big smiles the entire time and they effectively learned a character in less than one minute! Last week my son came home and could barely wait to tell me about their guest teacher. They had a special drumming class and he absolutely loved it! His face was… Continue Reading
Learning Clock Learning To Tell Time - What does “late” mean? Every morning I race around screaming, “又遲到了! 又遲到了!” It takes my kids half and hour to finish breakfast and another half and hour to change their clothes. There is no sense of urgency on their part. One day in the car on the way to school after a particularly slow morning, I was explaining why we cannot be late. Then my son asked, “遲到是什麼?”  To understand what “late” is, he must first understand time. So now… Continue Reading
Pea shoots in eggshells Growing Activities and Vocabulary - My son’s teacher mentioned that he spends most of recess digging in the dirt and pretending to grow things. It’s July and the weather is FINALLY warming up where we live. We have been working on growing activities and vocabulary in Chinese. What a great opportunity to make learning fun by incorporating a child’s interests. We recently had a playdate at the park on the same day the city was building a community garden. He forgot all about his playdate… Continue Reading
tablet lightbox tracing Tablet Lightbox Tracing - Another great way to prepare your child for writing is tracing. I turned our ipad into a lightbox. My son hates writing but enjoyed this tablet lightbox tracing activity. He explains, “因為好酷啊!”. Of course there are apps that allow you to use a finger to trace the Chinese character, but I prefer pen on paper. It’s good for children to get use to holding a pen. Plus this way there are no distractions, flashy lights, advertisements, cartoons, etc. Many households… Continue Reading
magic flashcards Magic Flashcards - These magic flashcards require a secret decoder. How fun! I actually came up with this idea for another project and my son begged me to make him something. All you need are the free printable files and something red and transparent. Please note that it must be red or this will not work. Some items you may use are cellophane wrapping, an index folder/divider, acetate projector sheet, etc. In my case I had the lid from a plastic food container… Continue Reading

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